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By Joan Braune

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"Socialism ... is largely prophetic Messianism ..." So Erich Fromm writes in his 1961 vintage Marx's inspiration of guy. World-renowned serious Theorist, activist, psychoanalyst, and public Marxist highbrow, Erich Fromm (1900-1980) performed a pivotal function within the early Frankfurt Institute for Social study and inspired emancipatory initiatives in a number of disciplines. whereas he continues to be popularly popular as writer of such best-selling books as break out from Freedom and The artwork of Loving, Fromm's contribution to serious thought is now being rediscovered. Fromm's paintings on messianism within the 1950s-1970s replied to past debates between early 20th century German Jewish thinkers and radicals, together with Hermann Cohen, Rosa Luxemburg, Martin Buber, Gershom Scholem, and Georg Lukács. The go back to Fromm, in addition to transforming into curiosity in Jewish messianism's effect at the Frankfurt institution, makes this booklet well timed. Fromm's daring security of radical desire and trenchant critique of political catastrophism are extra correct than ever.

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Kevin Anderson suggests that the essay might better have been titled, “Psychoanalysis and Marxism” and that Fromm’s commitment to a “revolutionary Marxist” position is already evident in it (Anderson [2000] 92). Marxism is the only sociological theory addressed in the article, and Fromm calls Marx “the greatest sociologist of all” (92). Fromm’s essay concludes with a quote from The German Ideology that expresses an idea of Marx’s that Fromm would frequently reference in his later work on messianism: “History does nothing, it possesses no immense wealth, it fights no battles.

In the more substantive of the two Bachofen articles, one can see Fromm’s emerging commitment to a highly future-oriented messianism, away from any “restorationist” desires for a mere return to Paradise. The proto-fascists Ludwig Klages, Alfred Bäumler, and Alfred Schuler praised Bachofen’s theory because they “looked back to the past as a lost paradise,” while the radicals (Marx, Engels, Bebel, and others) praised Bachofen’s theory from an opposite standpoint, since they “looked forward hopefully to the future” (CP 85).

Through accepting earthly misfortunes as just punishments, the Christian masses now hoped only for bliss in the afterlife 20 ERICH FROMM’S LEGACY AND CONTRIBUTION TO THE EARLY FRANKFURT SCHOOL and turned to the Church and to the cult around Mary as images of the forgiveness and love that could be obtained through obedience and passive acceptance of authority (93-5). “The Dogma of Christ” was hailed by a review in the Institute’s Zeitschrift as (Michael Löwy’s paraphrase) “the first concrete example of a synthesis between Freud and Marx”—no small achievement (Löwy, Redemption and Utopia 155).

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