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By Richard Paul Vaggione

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The learn of 'Arianism' has proved one of many abiding fascinations and the abiding difficulties of early Christian experiences in recent times. right here, Vaggione addresses the definition of the doctrine and why it generated such severe social turmoil by means of reading the viewpoint of 1 of 'Arianism's' primary supporters, Eunomius of Cyzicus. Eunomius' existence is used as a framework during which to debate adjustments within the doctrine of the Trinity.

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8�14, 140. 11�18). b Basil, Ep. 277. 24�6 (Courtonne iii. 150). 7 Juvenal, Satyra 10. 114—17. , Mis. 354C: λόγων αγαθός δηµιουργός. Ant. (341) 1 (Hahn, § 153, p. 183). 10 On this council and its ambiguities, see below, Ch. 3, pp. 69�70. , HE 3. 20. 4""7 (GCS 134 " � I 3 5 � 5). , HE 2. 12. 1�3 (GCS 122. 12�123. 4)i t h ' s account seems more likely than the parallel passage in Socrates, HE2. 23. 33�8 (GCS 128. 24�129. 14), where the request (denied) is for a church in every city, not just at Antioch.

KG 67 (1955/6), 132-40. Its identification as 'Arian', however, depends on the concluding doxology and its interpretation. The original editor, R. P. Casey, 'An Early Homily on the Devil ascribed to Athanasius of Alexandria', JTS 36 (1935), 1-10, did not consider it 'Arian'. J. Paramelle may also have had his doubts, cf. M. ), ii. 11, no. 2080. There is nothing in any of these fragments which goes beyond the general teachings of 5L the school. , HE3. 15 (GCS46. 1-4). , HE3. 15 (GCS φ. 4�9). Allowing a year or more at Anazarbus and several others at Tarsus.

Also S o c , HE 2, 35. 1 (GCS 150. , HE 3� 15� 8 (GCS 126. 27�8). There is no doubt he was brought up at Antioch; if he came from elsewhere, it must have been when very young. 15 Basil, Ep. 223. 5. 30�2 (Courtonne iii. 15), but cf. Basil, Eun. i. 1. 26�31 (ΛΥ'299� 144)� "' Thdr. , fr. i, gr. 1�17, syr. 1�5, 11�24 (Vaggione, Fragments, 408�9), 17 Grg. , Eun. 1, 38 (J i. 35. 10�13). Gregory's information is at best third hand; he got it from George of Laodicaca via Athanasius of Ancyra (Eun. '• 37�8; J i.

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