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Topology occupies a important place within the arithmetic of this present day. some of the most precious principles to be brought some time past sixty years is the concept that of fibre package, which gives a suitable framework for learning differential geometry and masses else. Fibre bundles are examples of the type of constructions studied in fibrewise topology. simply as homotopy concept arises from topology, so fibrewise homotopy the­ ory arises from fibrewise topology. during this monograph we offer an outline of fibrewise homotopy concept because it stands at this time. it truly is was hoping that this can stimulate additional examine. The literature at the topic is already relatively wide yet sincerely there's a good deal extra to be performed. Efforts were made to boost common theories of which traditional homotopy thought, equivariant homotopy conception, fibrewise homotopy idea and so on may be detailed circumstances. for instance, Baues [7] and, extra lately, Dwyer and Spalinski [53], have provided such normal theories, derived from an previous thought of Quillen, yet none of those appear to supply particularly definitely the right framework for our reasons. we've got most well liked, during this monograph, to increase fibre clever homotopy conception kind of ab initio, assuming just a easy wisdom of standard homotopy idea, not less than within the early sections, yet our goal has been to maintain the exposition quite self-contained.

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This means that p induces a fibrewise map p : E I G -+ X. We describe E as a principal fibrewise G -space over X if p is a fibrewise homeomorphism. In that case we use p to identify EIG with X, as a fibrewise space. For p to be a fibrewise homeomorphism it is necessary, in the first place, that the projection p is surjective. Also when G is fibrewise open it is necessary for p to be open, and when G is also fibrewise compact it is necessary for p to be proper. Sufficient conditions for p to be a fibrewise homeomorphism are that the fibrewise action is free and that p is both surjective and either open or closed.

In fact a fibrewise G-homotopy H t : E ~ Ea of (J into ¢ is given by the expression [(1 - t)a1, gl, tal, gl, (1 - t)a2, g2, ta2, g2, ... J, and a fibrewise G-homotopy of (J' into ¢/ is given similarly. The next stage is to construct, in infinitely many steps, a fibrewise G-homotopy of ¢ into (J. The first step, indicated by the expression [aI, gl, ta2, g2, (1 - t)a2, g2, ta3, g3, (1 - t)a3, ... J, ends with the fibrewise G-map indicated by the expression The second step is defined similarly, and so on, until after the nth step we reach the fibrewise G-map indicated by the expression 7 Fibrewise fibre bundles 39 By juxtaposing the steps in this series of fibrewise G-homotopies we obtain a fibrewise G-homotopy since at each coordinate place in Ea all but a finite number of the steps are stationary.

9 Let Yi, Y 2 be fibrewise spaces over B, and let Y1 t - - Y1 ~1 X B Y2 ---+ Y2 ~2 be the standard projections. Then the natural fibrewise map 46 A Survey of Fibrewise Homotopy Theory is an equivalence for all fibrewise regular X. Here the fibrewise map is given by 1I"h in the first factor, and by the second. Next we require another technical lemma as follows. 10 Let X and Y be fibrewise regular spaces over B. Then for all fibrewise spaces Z the fibrewise compact-open topology of mapB(X XB Y, Z) is generated by fibrewise compact-open subsets (K x w L, A x /L, V; W), where W ~ B is open, V ~ Zw is open, K and L are fibrewise compact Hausdorff over W, and A : K -t X w, /L : L -t Yw are fibrewise maps.

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