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By Emil Artin, Arthur N. Milgram, Arthur N. Milgram

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In actual fact awarded components of 1 of the main penetrating strategies in smooth arithmetic contain discussions of fields, vector spaces,homogeneous linear equations, extension fields, polynomials,algebraic components, in addition to sections on solvable teams, permutation teams, resolution of equations via radicals, and different strategies. 1966 ed.

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Court cases of the yankee Mathematical Society
Vol. sixteen, No. 6 (Dec. , 1965), pp. 1230-1236
Published through: American Mathematical Society
DOI: 10. 2307/2035904
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If E is the splitting field of xp - a, and F contains a primitive pth root of unity where p is a prime number, then either E = F ~~ and xp -- a is split in F, or xp - a is irreducible and the group of E over F is cyclic of order p. The order of each element of G is, by Theorem 23, a divisor of p and, hence, if the element is not the unit its order must be p. If Q is a root of xp - a, then a,ey, . . ,cp-lc are a11 the roots of xP - a SO that F(a ) = E and ( E/F) < -p . Hence, the order of G does not exceed p SO that if G has one element different from the unit, it and its powers must constitute a11 of G.

We consider f(x) as a polynomial in E and construct inwhichf(a) the extension field B = E(a) = 0. g(a) and a-ai being elements of the field B cari have a product equal to 0 only if f’or one of the factors, say the first, we have a-a1 = 0. Thus, a = al, and a1 is aroot of f(x). Now in case a11 roots of p(x) are in F, then E = F and p(x) cari be split in F. This factored form has an image in F’ which is a splitting, of p’ (x), since the isomorphism o preserves a11 operations of addition and multiplication in the process of multiplying out the = 0 factors of p(x) and collecting to get the original form.

O2 be two elements of the coset uG,. Since or and o2 leave B fixed, for each a in B 48 we have (ror( a ) = a( cz ) = oo2( a ). Elements of different cosets give different isomorphisms, for if o and r give the same isomorphism, o(a) = r(c) for each a in B, then o-‘r(a) = a for each a in B. Hence, dT == al> where or is an element rG, of G,. But then T = oo, and := oorGs= aG, SO that o and r belong to the same coset. Each isomorphism automorphism belonging of B which is the identity on F is given by an to G.

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