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This ebook offers the basic info invaluable for figuring out either the operation and correct program of the gasoline turbine. unique emphasis is put on heading off difficulties, diagnosing difficulties of their early phases, and interpreting disasters to avoid their recurrence.

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The bearing designs used in the heavy industrial gas turbines are similar to the designs used in pumps and compressors. Therefore, in pump or compressor drive applications, the lubrication media (oil) can be, and usually is, the same. The heavy industrial gas turbine packages will use 1,500 to 2,500 gallons of turbine light mineral oil for the gas generator, power turbine, and driven equipment. This is four times that required of the aero-derivative package of similar output (note also that aero-derivatives use a synthetic oil).

This increased exposure to the elements that cause sulfidation corrosion, to a degree, negates the advantage that might have been assumed from the large cross-sectional area of the blade and nozzle airfoils. Turbine blades are subject to stresses resulting from high temperatures, high centrifugal forces, and thermal cycling. These stresses accelerate the growth of defects or flaws that may be present in the material. This is the basis for the demand for materials that can withstand high temperatures without losing their resistance to centrifugal forces, vibration, thermal cycling, oxidation, or corrosion.

The industrial Trent gas turbine is a 70,000 shaft horsepower engine. Hardware 31 Figure 3-7. Courtesy of Power & Compression Systems. This is a 1970 vintage gas turbine designed with lacing wire to dampen the second stage turbine blades. Note the hollow 1st stage turbine blade indicating blade cooling and the corrosion on both the 1st and the 2nd-stage blades. half the nozzles per stage (Figure 3-8). The larger number of airfoils per segment do not facilitate airfoil coating and results in very high fabricating and coating cost.

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