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I have to start off by way of announcing that i have never learn this e-book. notwithstanding, I observed a creationist current the follwing quote from it the opposite day:

"Haldane calculated that it is going to take (on commonplace) three hundred generations (>6,000 yrs) to pick a unmarried new mutation to fixation, given what he thought of a 'reasonable' mix of recessive and dominant mutations. choice at this expense is so sluggish that it really is basically almost like no choice in any respect. This challenge has classically been referred to as 'Haldane's dilemma'. At this expense of choice, as soon as may simply repair 1,000 useful nucleotide mutations in the entire genome within the tiem given that we supposedly developed from chimps (6 million yrs). this easy truth has been proven independently by way of Crow and Kimura(1970), and ReMine (1993, 2005). the character of choice is such that deciding on for one nucleotide redues our skill to pick for different nucleotides (selection interference). Simultaneous choice doesn't support.

"At first look, the above calculation turns out to indicate that one may perhaps at the least be ready to choose for the production of 1 small gene (of as much as 1,000 nucleotides) within the time considering we apparently diverged from champanzee. There are the reason why this isn't actual. 1. Haldane's calculation have been just for self sustaining, unlinked mutations. choice for 1,000 particular and adjoining muations couldn't ensue in 6 million yrs simply because that categorical series of adjoining mutations may by no means come up, no longer even in 6 billion yrs."
-pp 128-9

Now, i'll forget about for the instant that this Cornell 'geneticist' cites creationist electical engineer Walter ReMine for something having to do with genetics, but when this quote is exact, then Sanford both doesn't comprehend Haldane's version - in any respect - or he's purposefully misrepresenting it to make his foolish place appear extra viable.

And it seems that he is not keen to discuss it - I emailed him greater than 2 weeks in the past, merely asking if the quote used to be actual. No reply.

Can a person the following be certain the acuracy of that quote?

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5 for the frequency of A. 7) for the same quantity. All share one justification: as the sample size increases, the observed genotype frequencies in the sample will approach those in the population. Thus all three of these methods will give a gene frequency close to that in the population, if the sample size is large. But which estimate is to be preferred when it is not? MAXIMUM LIKELIHOOD. To get an answer to this problem, we must pose the problem as a statistical one, and use a standard statistical approach.

We are interested in computing the numbers of the two strains in the next generation. For this we need to know how many offspring individuals of each genotype will have. If an individual of strain A has probability v A of surviving to adulthood, and if each survivor has an average of f A offspring, then the expected number of offspring left by a newborn A individual is vA fA . This quantity, a composite of viability (v A ) and fertility (fA ), is the absolute fitness (or Darwinian fitness) of genotype A.

Note particularly that the ratio 1 + s : 1 is not the same as 1 : 1 − s unless s is zero. 01 against a. 00990099... against a. When s is small this is not a great difference, but it is well to be aware of it. Equation (II-7) can also be rewritten in terms of s. The relative fitnesses w A and wa can be used in place of the absolute fitnesses W A and Wa , as we have seen. In the present case w A and wa are 1 + s and 1, so that we can replace w ¯ by (t) w ¯ = (1 + s) pA + pa(t) . (t) (II-14) (t) If we replace pA by pt for simplicity of notation, and note that p a = 1 − pt , we have w ¯ = 1 + s pt , so that pt+1 = pt (1 + s) .

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