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By Francesco Baldassarri, Pierre Berthelot, Nick Katz, François Loeser

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This two-volume e-book collects the lectures given in the course of the 3 months cycle of lectures held in Northern Italy among may perhaps and July of 2001 to commemorate Professor Bernard Dwork (1923 - 1998). It provides a wide-ranging review of a few of the main lively parts of up to date examine in mathematics algebraic geometry, with specified emphasis at the geometric purposes of thep-adic analytic suggestions originating in Dwork's paintings, their connection to varied contemporary cohomology theories and to modular varieties. the 2 volumes include either vital new learn and illuminating survey articles written by way of major specialists within the box. The ebook willprovide an critical source for all these wishing to process the frontiers of study in mathematics algebraic geometry.

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Thus x u : Wa+u → Wa is an isomorphism for all u ∈ Zn ∩ C(g) if lj (a) is not a nonpositive integer for any j . We call a nonresonant if lj (a) ∈ Z for any j . 7. The value lj (a) is not an integer if and only if a ∈ (Zn ∩ Lg ) + Lσj . Exponential sums and generalized hypergeometric functions 17 Proof. Since lj assumes integral values on (Zn ∩Lg )+Lσj , the “only if” part is obvious. Suppose lj (a) ∈ Z. , lj (a − u) = 0. Thus a − u ∈ Lσj and a = u + (a − u) ∈ (Zn ∩ Lg ) + Lσj . 8. Suppose that g is nondegenerate and a is nonresonant.

We observe that all the monomials {x uj }j =1 satisfy w(uj ) ≤ dg . 2 (acyclicity of the Koszul complex on gr(RK(λ(0) ) ) defined by {gr(gi (λ(0) , x))}i∈S , |S| = dg ), it follows that the dimension of the subspace of elements of degree m/M in gr(RK(λ(0) ) )/ ni=1 gr(gi (λ(0) , x))gr(RK(λ(0) ) ) depends only on (g). By induction on the dimension and simplicial subdivision, we can reduce to the case where (g) is a simplex. Let v1 , . . , vdg be its vertices (in addition to the origin). Then x v1 , .

This establishes the proposition. We now treat the case m/M ≤ dg . Consider the map (m/M) φm : WB (m/M−1) n ⊕ (RB (m/M) ) → RB defined by n φm (ζ, η1 , . . , ηn ) = terms of weight m/M in ζ + gi (λ, x)ηi . i=1 20 Alan Adolphson Relative to monomial bases, it is represented by a matrix with entries in B. If we take bm/M to be the determinant of any square submatrix of maximal size, then we have (m/M) , by Cramer’s Rule that for ξ ∈ RB Aj x u j + ζ + bm/M ξ = n gi (λ, x)ηi , i=1 w(uj )=m/M (m/M−1) .

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