Gifts and Commodities: Exchange and Western Capitalism Since by Chris A. Gregory PDF

By Chris A. Gregory

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C.. e. to the beginning of the pottery style known as Late Geometric. The 7th c. C. ) The "Dark Ages" thus embrace the pottery styles from Subminoan/Submyccnaean to Middle Geometric. I have also chosen 10 use the terms Minoan, Mycenaean, Protogeometric, Geometric and their derivatives to designate the various subdivisions of the "Early lron Age". Whenever these terms are used to denominate mere pottery styles, this is made clear. For the chronological and regional subdivisions of the PG period I rely on A.

The figures of building models are assembled separately. e. lsthmin, Fig. 196, Tiryns, Fig. 217 or Tegea, Figs. 279-280), they were reproduced at I: I 00. Lunitations Despite the fact that several geneml studies dealing with the architecture of the EIA have appeared si nce Drerup assumed the task of bringing together the data available at the time, no such study (not even the present o ne) can claim to be the final word for the years to come. Apart from the obvious fact that new discoveries may some day alter the ex1sting p1cture, one ha\ to overcome the frustraung realny that a large percentage of the excavauons wh1ch have been conducted remams insufficiently published.

Lauter, Lathuresa. Beitriigc zur ArclJitektur und Siedlungsgeschichte in spfitgeometrischer Zeit, Mainz 1985. Mallwitz, Arcbitektur (1981): A. Mallwitz, "Kritisches zur Architcktur Gricchenlands im 8. und 7. Jahrhundert", AA (198 1) 599-642. Mazarakis Ainian, ARG (1985): A. 'architecture religicusc grecque des Ages Obscurs", A1lfCI52 (I 985) 5· 48. Mazarakis Ainian, GE(I987): A. Mazarakis AiniM, "Geometric Eretria", AntK30 ( 1987) 3-24. Mazarakis Ainian, RDT ( 1987): A. Mazarakis Ainian, From Rulers' Dwellings to Temples.

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