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By J., B. Schneewind

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What methods can we have for figuring out charity and philanthropy? How do we come to imagine in those methods? during this quantity, historians of antiquity, the center a long time, early sleek idea, and the Victorian period talk about the evolution of considering approximately and practising voluntary giving, taking over a few inescapable questions on charity.

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Constantelos writes that: In the Homeric age philanthropy was associated with assistance to beggars as well as to the poor and to strangers. . The ancient Greeks were also very philanthropic and affectionate toward the aged. Not only was reverence for Page 6 aged parents advocated, but also respect and consideration for all persons of advanced age. . The spirit of brotherhood and friendship which is the basis of philanthropy is well expressed by Sophocles in his Antigone. (Constantelos 1991, pp.

While nothing guarantees that we always manifest the virtues, or even common decency, few communities of any size can tolerate too much deviation from their norms, for that would render any attempt to pursue and secure the goods of life unstable. This, at least, seems the import of Aristotle's remark that "friendship appears to be the bond of the state," and his noting that "to promote concord, which seems akin to friendship," is what wise lawgivers desire, "while faction, which is enmity, is what they are most anxious to banish" (Aristotle 1975, 1155a).

Religion and philanthropy: Mary Douglas once told me that "you don't need religion to explain that" when I spoke of the "origins" of philanthropy in religious values. Despite her caveat, most of the time Occam's razor remains in the bathroom cabinet at my place. '' One of the reasons is that religion plays a problematic role in philanthropy. It also plays a problematic role in ethnicity and nationalism. Because I'm interested in the role of philanthropy in resolving or preventing ethnic conflict, and because religion plays such a major part in American philanthropy, there seems to me much work to do to better understand what is going on.

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