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Complaints of the yankee Mathematical Society
Vol. sixteen, No. 6 (Dec. , 1965), pp. 1230-1236
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DOI: 10. 2307/2035904
Stable URL: http://www. jstor. org/stable/2035904
Page count number: 7

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The dimension of | A | (r) is (r + m - 1)! r! —It is well known that the differential equation to2 v2 Dt2 represents the propagation of a wave along the length of a string (x direction) with a velocity v. It is easily verified that Y «= A sin (nt + mx) is a solution of this equation provided v = ± n/m. If we further lay down the condition that at a given instant of time (t = 0), all the points of the string should be stationary, we will be ruling out advancing waves and restricting ourselves to the stationary ones.

The factor group G/H consists of the two elements H and bH and the multiplication Table of G/H is given below : H bH H H bH bH bH H An important example of a factor group is furnished by the group of symmetry operations of an infinite body or pattern. If we consider all the translational symmetry elements, they satisfy the group postulates and thus form a subgroup, say H9 of the entire group of symmetry operations of the pattern. We will show that this group is a self-conjugate subgroup of G. If R stands for a rotation through φ and T stands for a translation with components a, bf c along the co-ordinate axes, by taking the axis of rotation of R as the Z axis, the operation R~XTR changes x to x + a cos ψ — b sin 0, y to y + a sin ψ + b cos ψ and z to z -f c and is therefore equivalent to a translation a cos ψ —- b sin ψ9 a sin φ + b cos ψ9 c.

T~xst which may be denoted by u 36 THEORY OF GROUPS will also be an element of the group, u is called the transform of s by the element t. It is easily seen that s is the transform of u by the element t~l. Two such elements s and u which may be transformed into one another by one element or other of the group are called conjugate elements. If u happens to be the same as s, then t~x st = s or st = ts. In such a case, s and t are said to commute with each other. The complete set of distinct elements which are transforms of s with all the elements of a group G constitute a conjugate class of elements of G.

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