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Simplified Gullstrand eye In the simplified Gullstrand eye, a simple pair of surfaces represent the lens. The refractive index for the lens is adapted appropriately to obtain the correct refractive power. Table 36-8: Simple Gullstrand eye [36-15]. 2 2. Full Gullstrand eye In the full Gullstrand model, the lens is made up of a kernel and a shell capsule. Therefore, the lens is represented by four surfaces. In the two versions with a relaxed and accommodated eye, the refractive indices are invariant and the change in the refractive power is caused only by variations in the radii and the distances.

96 The gradients are described by the formula n…r; z† ˆ n0 ‡ n1 z ‡ n2 z2 ‡ n3 r 2 . (36-14) The constants can be found in the literature. 3 Sample Calculations Figure 36-26 shows the optical system of the classical Gullstrand eye model. The prolate shape of the eye globe in the region of the retina has to be noticed. Figure 36-27 shows the corresponding spot diagrams for three colors and field positions for a pupil diameter of 2 mm. 30° 10° 0° Figure 36-26: Gullstrand eye model. 33 34 36 Human Eye 486 nm 587 nm 656 nm 0° 10° 20° Spot diagram of the Gullstrand eye model for different colors and three field positions.

In part a) of the figure, the red lines are of equal length, but the upper one seems to be longer. In part b), the effect of the background causes the impression of spiral curves while, in reality, the lines are closed circles. 1 Introduction a) b) Optical illusion, in a) the violet and in b) the grey colored areas on the left side appear to be darker. Figure 36-13: a) b) Optical illusion: in a) the upper red line seems to be longer, and the circles in b) seem to have a spiral shape. Figure 36-14: In figure 36-15, the observer cannot decide about the depth relation.

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