Ruth Sochard, Peter C. Fenlon's Haunted Ruins of the Dunlendings (Middle Earth Role Playing PDF

By Ruth Sochard, Peter C. Fenlon

ISBN-10: 0915795434

ISBN-13: 9780915795437

3 low-to-mid point adventures which each and every stand on their lonesome and will be arrange in mins.

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The foul God cannot leave the cavern and go upstairs because his very essence is tied to the halls of Hago Tarosvan's lower level. 44 REWARDS The rewards for assailing Hogo Tarosvan are simple. 3, #27) is rich in jewels, weaponry, armor, and magic devices. In addition, by uncovering the evil of the Phantom Doors, the adventurers will solve a long-standing mystery — one which has bothered the locals for centuries. The slaying of Shoglic will free the Dunnish villagers, thus endearing the adventurers to the pitiful cave people and exacting revenge upon the Ghost-priest.

15 to picking locks, including eyepiece that adds +15 to detection and removal of traps. —Circlet of silver moonstones. The moonstones yield a blue-white iridescence. On a roll of 01-25 wearer ignores a given head crit. Provides wearer with 2x normal PP (Channeling). — Brooch of gold and green garnets. Allows "Blur" upon command (10 rds; Ix/day). —Pole: Made of strange reddish wood, it is 4' long. It expands to two other lengths upon command: at 6' long it acts as a +10 quarterstaff. At 20' it can support 300 Ibs dead weight hung from center (or 200 Ibs moving across it).

24. Lower entry. A hallway and stairs (# 15b) to the upper level enters from the east. The guard post lies to right (north) as one enters the lower level. 25. Holy cavern. This massive and beautiful natural cathedral structure gave birth to Hogo Tarosvan. It serves as the exalted focus of the site and was the reason that the Blue Butte was chosen as a holy place. The cavern is 120' in height from the floor above the pool to the carved roof. The passageway enters 60' above the floor and crosses on a rope bridge like #9 upstairs, except that this one is built in sections and anchored at several points.

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