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For the relation in Croce between thought and society, as we have seen, is one of a categorical distaao, where thought is given an independent role such that the teacher-student relation that Gramsci ascribes to the intellectualmasses relation is always frozen and mechanical. In Croce, the student— the people—has nothing to teach the educator-philosopher, and the educator has nothing to learn from the student. The philosopher issues not from the student but from other philosophers, and thought issues not from the environment but from thought.

Gramsci compares this statement to his conception of the realization of "rationality" in history. The modi di pensare are rational and historically necessary when they embody and express the concrete activity of the people; conversely, the consciousness of the people engaged in action is the modi di pensare. 63 Vico's jactum is not the posited and empirical given of the existing reality, but is rather what is constantly becoming, a reality conceived Croce and Gramsci: From Philosophy to Politics as the product of social activity.

The new version of the sacred texts was both a presupposition and a result of the new conception of the world that the ri\orma was undertaking. 7 The vernacular does not simply make the texts more accessible and more understandable to the community; more important, it is intrinsic to the very notion of the community as the carrier and repository of the faith. As such the vernacular symbolizes and embodies the people qua community, for it assumes and captures a past and a tradition different from those of the ruling groups—a tradition embedded in the very syntax and struc- 37 Renaissance and Reformation 38 ture of the language spoken by the lower classes.

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