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By Jimmy Klausen, James Martel

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How to not Be ruled explores the modern debates and questions relating anarchism in our personal time. The authors handle the political mess ups of prior practices of anarchism, and the declare that anarchism is impracticable, by way of interpreting the anarchisms which have been theorized and practiced in the course of those intended mess ups. The authors revive the potential for anarchism at the same time they learn it with a severe lens. instead of breaking with earlier anarchist practices, this quantity finds the relevant values and strategies of anarchism that stay with us, practiced even within the impossible and 'impossible' contexts.

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If the earth were moving, then, anti-Galileans argued, birds would be falling out of trees. The ability of birds to remain perched while the earth moved was used as empirical evidence to falsify Galileo’s theory. 51. Feyerabend, Against Method, 118. 52. For more, see Stevens, States without Nations, Conclusion. 53. Naomi Klein, The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism (New York: Metropolitan Books, 2007), 79. 54. org. 55. Klein, Shock Doctrine, 89. 56. , 51. 57. , 183. 58. One subtle and important point Klein makes is that the one place these policies could not be implemented was the United States itself, which had a somewhat functional democracy that would never tolerate these policies.

One modest conclusion is that political commitments have blinded scholars on the right and left alike to the content of the methodological arguments they claim to be engaging. A more substantive claim is that Popper’s method bears revisiting as it provides a refreshingly open and even Nietzschean approach to knowledge and power. Theorists writing under the label anarchist are known for a range of political as well as methodological commitments. From radical individualists such as Max Stirner, who just wanted to be left alone, 1 to the Spanish anarchosyndacalists of the 1930s coordinating collectives and expecting selfsacrifice on behalf of improving their society, including enhancing women’s 1 2 Jacqueline Stevens power, the anarchist label has meant very different things, a phenomenon that has received a great deal of scholarly attention and is not discussed here.

They insisted something must be wrong with how the policies were implemented: “Like all fundamentalist faiths, Chicago School economics is, for its true believers, a closed loop . . It follows ineluctably that if something is wrong within a freemarket economy—high inflation or soaring unemployment—it has to be because the market is not truly free. ” 56 In the face of their policies’ failure, the model must be preserved; the people could be sacrificed. Instead of treating these episodes as experiments falsifying their theories, the Chicago School embraced Frances Fukuyama’s (now-renounced) story of free markets as the “end of history,” a narrative relying on the very Hegelian methodology Popper loathed.

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