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1998) ; Rutley (1988) 319 ANHYDRITE White Generic compound Anhydrite is a white or colourless sulfate mineral with chemical formula CaSO4. It commonly occurs as prismatic, tabular or fibrous crystals, or as aggregate masses and may be tinted grey, blue or pink (Rutley, 1988). ), to which it may alter. The term is also applied to the synthetic analogue (see: calcium sulfate, anhydrite type). ), or it may form by the dehydration of gypsum. Anhydrite is found worldwide where marine evaporite deposits occur, such as Eskdale (Yorkshire, England), Stassfurt (Germany), Naica (Mexico) and Jordan and Cyprus.

The German term for this is Goldschwefel (Brachert, 2001). For a fuller discussion of the issues surrounding this and closely related pigments, see the entry for the Antimony sulfides group. Antimony group; Antimony sulfides group; Golden sulfur of antimony; Golden yellow; Goldschwefel Brachert (2001) 104; Field (1835); Heaton (1928); Riffault et al. (1874) 392–393; Salter (1869) 256; Scott Taylor (1885) 193 ANTIMONY(III) OXIDE White Generic compound Antimony trioxide (Sb2O6) can be formed by the direct reaction of the element with oxygen.

3H2O. W. ) which has been identified on paintings on canvas and in fresco. Calumetite contains less water in its structure and is usually bluer in colour. Both of these minerals are known from their type locality at the Centennial mine, Calumet (Michigan, USA). They are secondary copper minerals which form in the weathered zones of copper deposits (Williams, 1963). The related calumetite has been identified in a painting context, but not apparently anthonyite (Scott, 2002). ) mineral with composition (Mg,Fe2ϩ)7Si8O22(OH)2.

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