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By Andrei Linde (auth.), Martin Lemoine, Jerome Martin, Patrick Peter (eds.)

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Some 25 years after the start of inflationary cosmology this quantity units out to supply a either authoritative and pedagogical advent and evaluation of the kingdom of the sphere. Cosmic inflation corresponds to an episode of speeded up enlargement of the very early universe and solves properly a suite of puzzles that had plagued normal cosmology up to now. varied situations exist, although, and the reader will find out about the "ins" and "outs" because the topic and similar concerns are surveyed. With lectures written by means of eminent scientists within the box, a lot of them having made pioneering contributrions within the early hours of the sector, Inflationary Cosmology addresses either senior and more youthful high-energy physicists, cosmologists and observational astrophysicists looking either a readable account and reference within the box.

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This goal seemed very difficult to achieve; it took almost 20 years to find a natural realization of the chaotic inflation model in supergravity. 29) 2 of the fields Φ and X, with the superpotential mΦX [114]. At first glance, this K¨ ahler potential may seem somewhat unusual. How¯ XX ¯ by ever, it can be obtained from the standard K¨ ahler potential K = ΦΦ+ ¯ 2 /2, which do not give any contribution to the kinetic adding terms Φ2 /2 + Φ ¯ In other words, the new K¨ ahler potenterm of the scalar fields KΦΦ¯ ∂μ Φ∂μ Φ.

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It was realized that inflation may divide our universe into many exponentially large domains corresponding to different metastable vacuum states, forming a huge inflationary multiverse [52, 54, 154]. The total number of such vacuum states in string theory can be enormously large, in the range of 10100 or 101000 [120, 155, 156, 157]. A combination of these two facts gave rise to what the experts in inflation call “the inflationary multiverse,” [14, 55, 158] and string theorists call “the string theory landscape” [159].

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