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By Patrizia Guarnieri

ISBN-10: 1137306564

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In this penetrating examine, Patrizia Guarnieri seems at psychology on the college of Florence to discover how Fascism and antisemitism affected the occupation in Italy, forcing students to relocate and locate new technique of expert collaboration.

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If it was eliminated this did not mean reverting to teach psychology in a speculative sense. On the other hand, wanting at all costs to avoid dealing with theoretical problems revealed an exaggerated fear and became a torment of Tantalus. Here too he disagreed with his colleague, without naming him. Saffiotti advised caution and invoked a more agnostic approach, which some psychologists had used to shield themselves. ”40 In synthesis: did the word “experimental” unify or divide the various trends in Italian psychology?

Behind these opposing evaluations there was a different reading of the recent past. The academic institutionalization of psychology in experimental psychology had now lasted since 1905. In order to claim that it had an aggregating power Saffiotti presented a linear and conflict-free evolution of the discipline. But was this reconstruction reliable? Not even he believed it and in the same article he lingered over the clashes that he had suffered. It was not surprising that he had escaped from Milan and from Agostino Gemelli.

Yet an external “enemy” had accompanied them from the outset, in an almost parallel development. Experimental Psychology or Simply Psychology? After 20 years it was time to take stock of the situation. In the period 1920–1924 the official organ of the SIP, the Rivista di psicologia, published a series of articles on Italian psychology. It is worth analyzing these as each reconstruction contains a different vision of what needed to be done, how to overcome the internal obstacles, and how to counter the external devaluation of the discipline.

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