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By Oscar Montero (auth.)

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Its fallout is still with us. ” Toward the end of the century, Pilat wrote, not a Sunday passed during the summer without a couple of “blistering sermons” about Coney Island (117). Martí’s writings about Coney Island have less of the fire-and-brimstone of the pulpit and something much closer to a reflective unease provoked by the spectacle before him. Martí’s “Coney Island” is closer to a meditation than to a sermon, though something of the reformer’s outrage lingers in its pages. 22 J OSÉ M ARTÍ: A N I NTRODUCTION Martí’s vision of Coney Island is closer to John Kasson’s critical reading of the amusement park as a “symbol of the new cultural order” than to the weekly jeremiads of nineteenth-century preachers.

Early in the freezing morning, even as the last partygoers were heading home in their fancy carriages, a building housing the printing shops of the most important newspapers in the city burst into flames. The Sun, the Tribune, the World and the Times (“an austere daily whose young editor is honest and blunt”), all had part of their printing operations in the burning building. “The upper floors, full of workers, poor young T HE N EW W OMAN AND THE A NXIETIES OF G ENDER 39 women who work as typesetters, and messenger boys, were full of horror and screams” (Los pisos altos, llenos de trabajadores, de pobres mozas, que hacen oficio de cajistas, de niños recaderos, se llenaron de horror y de clamores) (9:246).

At the same time, he insists that their demands are “legitimate,” the term he uses, given the dire circumstances he has just described. ” Evidently addressing men as the oppressors of women, the woman quoted by Martí has this to say: 42 J OSÉ M ARTÍ: A N I NTRODUCTION The only way of life that you allow us is to be a servant or a hypocrite! If we are rich, you deplete our inheritance! If we are poor, you pay us a miserable wage! If we are single, you desire us like fragile toys! If we are married, you deceive us brutally!

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