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An intermediate solution is the use of a flywheel to start a diesel generator, while supplying the required power during the start-up process. The energy needed and the complexity of the system depend on the method of operation and on the power required. e. computers, must be protected from very short power interruptions, even on a millisecond scale. A flywheel which is connected to a motor-generator and is always in rotation can provide protection from very-short-time interruptions without any appreciable change in frequency; but capacitors or batteries can perform this task usually at a lower cost.

The author holds that both points of view are valid and does not share either the optimistic views of the first, or the pessimistic opinions of the second. If the efforts in their development are maintained, flywheel energy storage systems may come to be used in industrial practice among the other energy storage devices because their advantages can be exploited in certain applications. However, they are far from being 'the ultimate energy accumulator' that some people seem to think. It is also the opinion of the author that it is useless, for many applications, to seek for the 'optimum flywheel' or the 'very-highperformance flywheel'.

Flywheel propulsion has many applications in underwater vessels, particularly small research submarines and the 'torpedo-like' devices used by divers for propulsion. These machines, the Howell's torpedo being the forerunner, have advantages over their lead-acid-battery counterparts. These are lower weight, which is perhaps a questionable advantage for underwater applications, and fast-charging capability. Charging can be performed by direct coupling of the propeller of the device to the engine of a boat.

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