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By Julian Granberry

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A linguistic research helping a brand new version of the colonization of the Antilles prior to 1492.This paintings formulates a testable speculation of the origins and migration styles of the aboriginal peoples of the better Antilles (Cuba, Jamaica, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico), the Lucayan Islands (the Commonwealth of the Bahamas and the Crown Colony of the Turks and Caicos), the Virgin Islands, and the northernmost of the Leeward Islands, ahead of eu touch. utilizing archaeological info as corroboration, the authors synthesize proof that has been to be had in scattered locales for greater than 500 years yet which hasn't ever prior to been correlated and severely examined.Within any well-defined geographical zone (such as those islands), the linguistic expectation and norm is that individuals conversing an analogous or heavily comparable language will intermarry, and, by way of partaking in a standard gene pool, will exhibit comparable socioeconomic and cultural qualities, in addition to universal artifact personal tastes. From an archaeological point of view, the communicate is deducible: artifact inventories of a well-defined sociogeographical quarter tend to were created via audio system of an analogous or heavily comparable language or languages.Languages of the Pre-Columbian Antilles provides info in line with those assumptions. the knowledge is scant—scattered phrases and words in Spanish explorers' journals, neighborhood position names written on maps or in missionary records—but the collaboration of the authors, one a linguist and the opposite an archaeologist, has tied the linguistics to the floor anywhere attainable and allowed the development of a framework with which to appreciate the relationships, events, and cost styles of Caribbean peoples ahead of Columbus arrived."This exhaustive learn . . . does a well suited activity in pulling jointly the disparate info of the Ta&iactue;no and different pre-Contact languages of the Caribbean and organizing them right into a coherent whole."—Charles Ewen, East Carolina collage

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The closest language stocks which regularly show a CVC closed-syllable norm are the Mayan languages of Yucatán and Guatemala and the Tolan (Jicaque) languages of central and northern Honduras. , to yield a putative tu(n)ob? ‘stones,’ certainly comes immediately to mind (Kaufman and Norman 1984:91, 133), but no Mayan language uses form-initial C+w, and there would remain the problem of explaining away the morpheme-¤nal -n of *tun. The C+w phenomenon does, however, occur in Eastern Tol, in which the only allowable syllable-initial consonant cluster is in fact a consonant followed by semivowel w or y (Fleming and Dennis 1977:122).

Even the Arawakan Chané of far southeastern Bolivia use the term maku to refer to their non-Arawakan Mataco neighbors across the border in Paraguay. Its use by the Taíno is, therefore, unexceptional, though a clear indication that the peoples to whom it referred were non-Arawakan. The fact that Las Casas (1875:V:486) refers to three distinct and mutually unintelligible Hispaniolan languages—Taíno, Macorís, and Ciguayo—not four, would lead one to interpret his statement above as meaning that Lower and Upper Macorís, while different speech forms, were of the order which we would today call dialects rather than separate languages.

An archaeological site survey of the neighboring Cayman Islands, northwest of Jamaica and due south of the central Cuban coast, in 1922 by Walter Fewkes of the Smithsonian Institution’s Bureau of American Ethnology (Fewkes 1922: 258), a second survey of Grand Cayman in 1958 by the senior author of this volume (Granberry 1958), and a third survey of Grand Cayman by Anne V. Stokes in 1990 with a follow-up by Stokes and William F. Keegan of the Florida Museum of Natural History in 1993 (Stokes and Keegan 1998) turned up no evidence of prehistoric occupation of the islands.

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