Leadership in the Cuban Revolution: The Unseen Story by Antoni Kapcia PDF

By Antoni Kapcia

ISBN-10: 1780325274

ISBN-13: 9781780325279

Much of the literature at the Cuban Revolution appear to be mesmerised by way of the character and function of Fidel Castro, an interpretation which has frequently avoided a deeper political realizing of the Revolution's underlying buildings.

Here Anthony Kapcia deals a much-needed corrective to 'Fidel-centric' histories of the Cuban revolution, focusing as a substitute on a much broader forged of characters unknown to informal observers. in addition to the extra noticeable contributions from Che Guevara and Raúl Castro, every one decade considering has visible a number of key gamers enthusiastic about the methods of decision-making, usually creating a major distinction to the end result of debates, judgements and definitions. in addition to analysing their impression, Kapcia translates their a variety of roles inside a much broader strategy of nation-building, demonstrating that Cuba has passed through an strange, if now not detailed, means of innovative corporatism.

Essential analyzing for a person drawn to Cuba's heritage and its future.

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Equally, however, we should not lose sight of the ­moments when he lost arguments: one such came in the early 1990s when he was successfully and publicly challenged by then UNEAC president Abel Prieto over his opposition to a controversial film that he had not yet seen, and, more crucially, in 1991–93 when the reform programme agreed and enacted was one with which he did not agree in principle. Yet, overall, his legacy is likely to lie less in such decisions (many of which were unavoidable) than in the widespread loyalty that he commanded, a loyalty which, on the one hand, and as already observed, created a tendency for many Cubans to personify ‘the Revolution’ in him, and, on the other, generated an enduring faith in his ability to find solutions.

He also went on to sack several ministers deemed to be failing in their duty to prevent corruption. On the reform process, he proved both determined and flexible. The programme itself was launched with a series of criticisms of aspects of Cuban life and work practices (including its ‘dependency culture’ and shallow egalitarianism) and, specifically, with the shocking plan to shed a million public sector jobs, half within six months, to be soaked up by an enlarged self-employed sector. The general reaction proved his flexibility, as the resulting negotiations with the CTC slowed and watered down the proposals and the timescale, although without changing the plan’s purpose.

Indeed, with each defeat leading to yet another survival, this seemed to persuade more followers, and then, after 1959, more Cubans, of his ability to endure 24 | one and recover, and of his evident determination to continue against all odds. Certainly, few could ever accuse him of an easy compromise; in the Cuba of the time, after a history of disillusion in successive leaders’ compromise or corruption, this ability and determination undoubtedly helped to cement his popularity and people’s trust.

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