Lectures on Ideology and Utopia by Paul Ricoeur, George Taylor PDF

By Paul Ricoeur, George Taylor

ISBN-10: 0231060483

ISBN-13: 9780231060486

The one on hand selection of Ricoeur's lectures on ideology and utopia, this seminal assortment discusses the paintings of Althusser, Marx, Habermas, Geertz, Mannheim, and Weber.

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Introductory comments on Mannheim that originally appeared at the end of lecture 9 have been moved to the beginning of lecture Io. The quotations of Weber in lectures I I and I 2 were originally taken from the Parsons translation, The Theory ofSocial and Economic Organization. Because the two-volume edition of Economy and Society is both the translation Ricoeur prefers and the standard Weber translation currently, all Weber citations now refer to this text. Ricoeur's responses to discussion questions on Weber at the beginning of lecture I 3 have been moved to lecture I 2 .

I deology now receives its meaning from its opposition to science , with science identified as the body of knowledge and Capital as its paradigm. Thus, ideoloir implies not only religion in Feuerbach's sense or the philosophy of German idealism as seen by the young Marx, but includes all prescientific ap­ proaches to social life . I deology becomes identical to all that is prescientific in our own approach to social reality. At this point the concept of ideology engulfs that of utopia. All utopias­ and particularly the socialist utopias of the nineteenth century, those of Saint-Simon , Fourier, Cabet , Proudhon, and so on-are treated by Marx­ ism as ideologies.

Earlier I spoke of the possibility of the critical moment within ideology. Ideology is a symbolic formulation from which we can achieve some distance. This model is Ricoeur's response to the inadequate para­ digm that placed ideology and science in basic opposition. Later I showed how Ricoeur disputes the model opposing ideology to reality and invokes instead the dialectic between ideology and utopia. There is no possibility of attaining a nonideological layer of reality, but ideologies as paradigms are still open to the criticism coming from the "nowhere" of utopia.

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