Lifestyle Politics and Radical Activism by Laura Portwood-Stacer PDF

By Laura Portwood-Stacer

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Makes an attempt through humans to enact their political opinions of their day-by-day lives became typical in modern US tradition, in spheres starting from buying conduct to romantic attachments. This groundbreaking publication examines how collective social pursuits have cultivated person practices of "lifestyle politics" as a part of their options of resistance, and the tensions they have to navigate in doing so.

Drawing on feminism and different hobbies that declare that the non-public is political, the booklet explores how radical anarchist activists place their very own existence inside initiatives of resistance. quite a few way of life practices, from intake to private sort to sexual relationships, are studied to deal with how identification and cultural practices can be utilized as instruments of political dissent.

An obtainable and provocative textual content, way of life Politics and Radical Activism blends thought with empirical fabrics to spotlight matters which are vital not just to anarchists, but in addition to a person suffering for social swap. This precise research will give a contribution to the improvement of anarchist concept and perform and should attract an individual attracted to political activism and social routine.

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The press runs a website and print catalog, and is a ubiquitous presence at anarchist book fairs; every book fair I’ve attended has had a large AK Press table with hundreds of books as well as shirts and other items for sale. Based in the San Francisco Bay area, AK also runs a warehouse in Oakland that hosts organizing and social events, particularly near the time of the annual Bay Area Anarchist Book Fair held in nearby San Francisco. Like the Wooden Shoe and Red Emma’s, AK is run by a collective of its workers, who democratically decide which titles to carry as well as how to divide the labor of the press.

Anarchists, in fact, have a centuries-old tradition of assuming “voluntary poverty,” which is the chosen state of having just enough to meet one’s basic needs (Woodcock 1979: 32). Josef described himself as “an anarchist Los Angeles pirate” because he chose to forego “luxuries” like having a car and a stable home. For anarchists like Josef, needs are distinguished from luxuries through a critical lens that understands most consumer desires to be the product of false consciousness, induced by corporations, in the interest of promoting rampant material acquisition.

An interviewee called Revbaker explained his involvement in cooperative housing (or “co-ops”) this way: I first learned of collective living after visiting a few student coops [sic] in Boulder. I was definitely impressed and heavily influenced by the whole idea. It seemed like a natural and even necessary embodiment, or manifestation, of radical politics. ’ And so we did, or are at least, we are trying. ” Like their forerunners in earlier countercultural movements, anarchist communes are meant to denaturalize the idea that people are meant to live in small, private family units and to care most for those closely related to them by blood.

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