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By Jose Victorino Lastarria, Frederick M. Nunn, R. Kelly Washbourne

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Novelist, pupil, journalist, statesman, and major member of Chile's "Generation of 1842"--an highbrow stream so named for the founding of the nationwide University--Jos? Victorino Lastarria (1811-1888) lived his existence on the vanguard of nineteenth-century Chilean and Spanish American tradition, literature, and politics. Recuerdos Literarios (or Literary Memoirs) is his masterpiece, encompassing the candid stories of a tireless activist, either the inventive and demanding sensibilities of an influential Latin American early modernist, and an eyewitness account of the improvement of Chilean literature and historiography. An ardent, eloquent player in each defining inventive and ideological debate in Chile in the course of the formative mid-1800s, Lastarria recorded his epoch as heavily as he did his personal origins, schooling, goals, and occupation. occasionally such as Montaigne's essays, E?a de Quieroz's journalism, or Barbusse's didactic convictions, Literary Memoirs is an engrossing account of Chile's newly ordained nationhood.This addition to Oxford's prestigious Library of Latin the United States sequence is greater than a retelling of items prior; it really is an educated but casual testomony to the belief of chilenidad (or "Chileanness") and a close portrait of 1 of Chile's cultural architects. For this re-creation of Literary Memoirs, Frederick M. Nunn's creation provides an informative historic historical past and R. Kelly Washbourne's translation conscientiously preserves Lastarria's shape and content material.

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Sarmiento's letter on his status vis-a-vis the national writers. False judgments of the Argentinian writers. 112 Nature of El Semanario. Foundation of ElProgreso. Extraordinary development of the press. Conclusion of El Semanario. 120 Rectification of the objectives falsely attributed to El Semanario. Origin of the literary movement. El Semanario's beneficial influ- Contents XXII XXIII XXIV XXV XXVI XXVII XXVIII XXIX xlv ence. Theater, Carlos Bello and Los amores delpoeta ["The Romances of the Poet"], Minvielle and the Ernesto.

Nineteenth-century Chilean letters were the domain of the educated elite. This elite was knowledgeable in law and philosophy, and its members applied their knowledge to other subjects, such as history and literature, in ample measure. These fields were still in the gestation stage as academic disciplines, even though liberal historians were achieving success in the purposeful reconstruction of Chile's past, and authors and poets were consciously addressing Chilean themes. Recuerdos literarios testifies to the significance Chileans accorded these subjects.

An event can be seen in a different light by contemporaries, and it can be appraised, likewise, by different criteria; but facts are facts, and in narrating them, one may not alter them or attribute them to causes or people that have not participated in them, nor attribute to the undeserving the responsibility or the glory attendant to them. And all of this is exactly what happens habitually when the origins of our literary trajectory are recalled. In lightweight works, destined to pass like the leaves of autumn, a memory may be imprinted without doing research, or even reminiscence; yet if one does likewise with a serious work, its rectification is a duty, the fulfillment of which, rather than being offensive, should be agreeable to him who has invited it.

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