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By Leszek Kolakowski

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The four volumes of Frank Harris’s My Life and Loves were first published by the author in Paris, 1922 –1927. 27. For a fuller account of the meeting, see “Letters from a Tour,” Series in Sturmvogel, 15 December 1897, esp. note 34. 28. ”—insisting that it would only serve to increase misconceptions of anarchism. In their theories, anarchists were ahead of their time. They believed in equal rights for all, without distinction of sex or race. 29 Yet, even within their own ranks, there were always anarchists who either shared the biases of the mainstream culture in deeming sexuality a predominately personal matter, or for whom even the most compelling issues of private life remained secondary both to their concerns about the public good and for the safety of their comrades.

She pondered these issues, not only in relation to her own childhood (remembering her harsh and sometimes violent father, whose abuse she witnessed and endured), but also with respect to the psychology of political violence. Goldman was especially taken with the ideas of Sigmund Freud,25 whose lectures she attended in Vienna in 1895, and later at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, in 1909 (the city in which she had had an ice-cream parlor years before). Freud’s work confirmed her belief in the formative influences of childhood and her instinctual sense that sexuality was a critical social force, inextricable from the political advocacy of free expression.

LML, p. 62. 22 INTRODUCTION out the logistics and vowed to follow through on the act, should anything go wrong. They helped write and distribute a workers’ manifesto, anticipating that their attentat would spur the workers to rise up in righteous indignation. ” But the tactics of their Russian counterparts failed them in America. Sasha injured Frick but failed to kill him. An associate of Frick’s helped restrain rather than defend Sasha, who was later attacked by a carpenter who tried to hit him with a hammer as he faced arrest.

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