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By Ramón E. Soto-Crespo

ISBN-10: 0816655871

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One-third of the inhabitants of Puerto Rico moved to ny urban in the course of the mid-twentieth century. on account that this large migration, Puerto Rican literature and tradition have grappled with a necessary swap in self-perception. Mainland Passage examines the heritage of that transformation, the political fight over its illustration, and the methods it's been imagined in Puerto Rico and within the paintings of Latina/o fiction writers.

Ramón E. Soto-Crespo argues that the main major end result of this migration is the production of a cultural and political borderland country. He intervenes within the Puerto Rico prestige debate to teach that the 2 so much mentioned options—Puerto Rico’s changing into both an absolutely federated country of the USA or an self sufficient nation—represent fake choices, and he forcefully purposes that Puerto Rico may be well-known as an anomalous political entity that doesn't comply with different types of political belonging.

Investigating a primary shift within the method Puerto Rican writers, politicians, and students have imagined their cultural identification, Mainland Passage demonstrates that Puerto Rico’s commonwealth prestige exemplifies a counterhegemonic good judgment and introduces an essential new method of knowing Puerto Rican tradition and history.

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Furthermore, it brings to bear the concept of passage as central to Puerto Rico’s history. No longer bound to insular parameters, Puerto Rican literary production opens a conceptual passage to border thinking. Yet it would not be sufficient or accurate to simply import Anzaldúa’s theory to the Caribbean without taking into account one of her most important insights: her emphasis on local history as constitutive of all borderlands. Therefore, following Mignolo’s revision of Anzaldúa’s theory, where local histories must inform the shape of global designs stemming from each borderland’s own particularity, Mainland Passage builds its approach mainly on borderland theories that are lesser known and of a different point of enunciation, in that they originate from the Caribbean region.

S. 5 Federal courts have ruled on many occasions that Puerto Rico, in its commonwealth agreement of 1952, retains local sovereignty over matters not pertaining to the federal government. Local autonomy, or self-rule, was acknowledged in the congressional debates leading to the commonwealth’s formation. The problem is that congressional plenary power clashes with democratic self-rule. Both positions, plenary and democratic self-rule, confirm sovereignty from different perspectives. It is this ambiguity that has led some local politicians to call for a constitutional convention, in order to create a new constitution that would “not lend itself to multiple and contradictory interpretations” (Vizcarrondo Irizarri 48).

The North American Culture and Mexico” (1993), Mexican philosopher Carlos Monsiváis has theorized the prospect of an impending “Chicanization” of Mexican national identity. ” (230). S. Latinos, as borderland subjects, could become cultural interlocutors in the United States on behalf of Latin American countries. ” In Mignolo’s revision, border thinking involves a new epistemology: “Language, epistemic, and subjective borders are the foundations of new ways of thinking, an-other logic, an-other language” (Idea 105).

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