Math, Better Explained: Learn to Unlock Your Math Intuition by Kalid Azad PDF

By Kalid Azad

"Math, higher Explained" is a transparent, intuitive consultant to math subject matters crucial for prime university, collage and past. no matter if you're a pupil, mum or dad, or instructor, this e-book is your key to unlocking the aha! moments that make math really click on -- and make studying enjoyable.

The booklet deliberately avoids senseless definitions and specializes in construction a deep, normal instinct so that you can combine the tips into your daily pondering. Its factors at the common logarithm, imaginary numbers, exponents and the Pythagorean Theorem are one of the most-visited within the world.

The themes in Math, higher defined include:

1. constructing Math Intuition
2. The Pythagorean Theorem
3. Pythagorean Distance
4. Radians and Degrees
5. Imaginary Numbers
6. advanced Arithmetic
7. Exponential features & e
8. The typical Logarithm (ln)
9. curiosity Rates
10. knowing Exponents
11. Euler’s Formula
12. advent To Calculus

The publication is written because the writer needs math was once taught: with a pleasant perspective, vibrant illustrations and attention on precise figuring out. research correct, now not rote!

Selected testimonials:

"I have a number of books on calculus (Calculus for Dummys, Math for the thousands, and so on. and so on. - by no means was once capable of learn them) yet your rationalization is what i've got wanted most of these years." - D. Hogg, Former Principal

"This is a smart clarification! i'm forty nine years previous and feature by no means recognized what e is all approximately. it's due to your article that i am getting it and now can clarify it to my son who's thirteen years old..." - C. Dhaveji

"I've been following you for almost years...I locate the intuitive method of the topic and lucid writing unparalleled." - D. Ezell

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The result is to turn division into a multiplication in the numerator. Both approaches work (you’re usually taught the second), but it’s nice to have one to double-check the other. 10 More Math Tricks Now that we understand the conjugate, there’s a few properties to consider: (x + y)∗ = x ∗ + y ∗ (x · y)∗ = x ∗ · y ∗ The first should make sense. Adding two numbers and “reflecting” (conjugating) the result, is the same as adding the reflections. Another way to think about it: sliding two numbers then taking the opposite, is the same as sliding both times in the opposite direction.

COMPLEX ARITHMETIC 39 we’re saying there’s a number “z” with two parts: 3 (the real part) and 4i (imaginary part). It is a bit strange how “one” number can have two parts, but we’ve been doing this for a while. 4 or 4/10). Y is a combination of the two. Complex numbers are similar: they have their real and imaginary parts “contained” in a single variable (shorthand is often Re and Im). 4) to “merge” the parts into a single number. I had an idea to write the imaginary part vertically, in fading ink, but it wasn’t very popular.

It’s like a dictionary that defines labyrinthine with Byzantine: it’s correct but not helpful. What’s wrong with everyday words like “complicated”? I’m not picking on Wikipedia — many math explanations are dry and formal in their quest for “rigor”. But this doesn’t help beginners trying to get a handle on a subject (and we were all a beginner at one point). No more! Today I’m sharing my intuitive, high-level insights about what e is and why it rocks. Save your “rigorous” math book for another time.

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