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By Willi Jäger (auth.), Giacomo Aletti, Alessandra Micheletti, Daniela Morale, Martin Burger (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9783540444459

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These court cases are reporting at the convention ''Math Everywhere", a profitable occasion celebrating a number one scientist, selling principles he pursued and sharing the open surroundings he's identified for. The components of the contributions are the next

- Deterministic and Stochastic Systems.

- Mathematical difficulties in Biology, drugs and Ecology.

- Mathematical difficulties in and Economics.

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Rel. Fields, 82, 565–586, 1989. 38 Vincenzo Capasso, Daniela Morale, and Matteo Ortisi 18. Soize, C. The Fokker-Planck equation for stochastic dynamical systems and its explicit steady state solutions. Series on Advances in Mathematics for Applied Sciences, Vol. 17. World Scientific, Singapore, 1993. 19. L. Swarming patterns in a two-dimensional kinematic model for biological groups, SIAM J. Appl. Math. 65,152 - 174, 2004. 20. Y. On polynomial mixing bounds for stochastic differential equations. Stochastic Processes and their Applications, 70, 115–127, 1997.

44, 361–374, 1999. 22. Y. On subexponential mixing rate for Markov processes. Theory Probab. , 49, 110–122,, 2005. Invariant Density Estimation for Multidimensional Diffusions Annamaria Bianchi ADAMSS & Department of Mathematics, University of Milan, Via C. it Summary. We consider an Rd dimensional homogeneous diffusion process with a unique invariant density f . We construct a kernel type estimator for the invariant density and study its mean–square convergence. We find that this estimator reaches in a specific minimax sense a rate that is slower than parametric but faster than in classical d-dimensional estimation problems.

Ud | K(u1 , . . , ud )du1 . . dud < +∞, Rd Rd where α1 , . . , αd ∈ N and α1 + . . + αd = 1. For the reader’s convenience we briefly formulate Blanke and Bosq’s general result [2]. Let {Xt , t ≥ 0} be an Rd -valued and measurable process and denote by C2,d (b) the class of real densities f (·) defined on Rd , twice continuously differentiable and such that f ∞ ≤ b and ∂ 2 f /∂xi ∂xj ∞ ≤ b for i, j = 1, . . , d. They introduce the family of processes Xγ0 satisfying 42 Annamaria Bianchi (i) gs,t = g|t−s| does exist for t = s , (ii) f ∈ C2,d (b), f(X0 ,Xu ) is continuous at (x, x) for u > 0 , +∞ |gu (x, y)|du ≤ M1 for some u0 > 0 (iii) sup x,y u0 sup f(X0 ,Xu ) (x, y) ≤ M2 u−γ0 , γ0 > 0 and u ∈ (0, u0 ) , (2) x,y (iv) there exists a positive function Ψu (·, ·) such that Ψu (x, y) for u ∈ (0, u0 ) , f(X0 ,Xu ) (x, y) ≥ u γ0 and lim inf inf T →+∞ u∈[εd/γ0 ,u ) 0 T Ψu (x − εT v, x − εT w) ≥ Ψ0 (x, v, w) , where Ψ0 is a positive function non − identically null and εT T →+∞ −→ 0 .

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Math Everywhere: Deterministic and Stochastic Modelling in Biomedicine, Economics and Industry. Dedicated to the 60th Birthday of Vincenzo Capasso by Willi Jäger (auth.), Giacomo Aletti, Alessandra Micheletti, Daniela Morale, Martin Burger (eds.)

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