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Write and solve a proportion to find the actual length of the car. Use cross products. Multiply. The actual length is 94 feet. The correct answer is C . 4) Check to see that your answer is reasonable. 7 z 20 x 5 = 100, the most reasonable answer is C. xxxii Test-Taking Skills Use one of the strategies on pages xxvi–xxvii. Problem 2 A recipe for 8 servings of punch is shown at the right. How many quarts of ginger ale will you need for 4 servings? F. } qt 3 8 G. } qt H. 3 qt I. 6 qt Punch Recipe 1 } gal sherbet 2 1 1} qt ginger ale 2 1 pt lemonade 3 4 Scoop sherbet into a punch bowl.

A table can help you see how the term numbers an d terms of a sequence are related an d write a rule for finding the terms of the sequence. Example Key Terms IZgbcjbWZg & ' ( IZgb * &% &* ) term term number rule * '% '* Rule: Start with 5. Add 5 to each term to get th e next term. or The term is 5 times the term number. Equations and Variables (pp. 18–20) You can use variables to write an equation that sh ows how a term in a sequence is related to its term nu mber. A variable is a letter, wo rd, or symbol used to rep resent unknown quantities or qu antities that change.

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