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With respect to the specific form of political institutions, 5 the 5. -Ed. THE BIRTH OF FASCISM 29 National Fascist Party subordinates its own attitude to the moral and material interests of the Nation as understood in all aspects of its historic destiny. THE CoRPORATIONS Fascism does not deny the historic fact of the development of corporations, and it intends to co-ordinate this development in the best national interest. Corporations must be promoted for two basic purposes-as the expression of national solidarity, and as the means for increasing production.

Meanwhile in a speech delivered in Udine on September 20, 1922, Mussolini, ever the opportunist, made a highly significant policy statement. " souRcE: ltalo Balbo, Diario 1922 (Milan: A. Mytranslation. 38 FASCISM IN ITALY Mussolini's Speech Regarding the House of Savoy (September 20, 1922) In the speech that I am about to deliver I shall make an exception to the rule that I have always followed-of limiting so far as possible the demonstrations of my eloquence. Oh, if it were only possible, as a poet has recommended, to strangle this verbose, prolix, endless, democratic eloquence that has gotten us off the track so long!

The problem of relations that may exist . . between Italy and the Vatican. ] . . I affirm here and now that today the Latin and imperial tradition of Rome is represented by THE BIRTH OF FASCISM 25 Catholicism. ] . I believe and affirm that the universal idea that exists in Rome today is that which radiates from the Vatican. ] ... I believe that if the Vatican were to renounce once for all its dreams of temporal power-and I think it is going to-profane or lay Italy would furnish the Vatican with material aid for its schools, churches, and hospitals.

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