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23 for description of conditions. 500X. Reduced 16%. (Secret w i t h caption) . UNCLASSIFIED Y-14407 Fiq. - 25. lnconel Sleeve and Beryllium Insert from ThermaI-Convection-Loop Test w th Sodium After hr with Hot Zone of 1300'F. Note alloying (indicated by arrows) which occurred between sleeve and insert. (Secret with caption) lsO0 26 ___ - - ...................... .. .. .. .. .. _ .. -- - - - - -- P E R I O D E N D I N G A P R l L 10, 1 9 5 6 and b r i t t l e phases on the surface of the Hastelloy B specimen.

2E. E. Hoffman et a [ . , A N P uar. Prog. Rep. S e p t . 10, p 29; G. , A N P Quar. Prog. R e p . D e c . 10, 1954, ORNL-1816, p 78. 1954, ORNL-1771, ...................... .. ... .. .. ......... .. 0 135 30-40 'This apparent increase in sodium significont. 022 In order t o avoid contamination from Specimen. sodium which adheres t o the edges, 50 m i l s were machined o f f the surface of each sample. These samples were submitted for spectrographic sodium analysis. The results of these analyses are l i s t e d in Table 15.

E. Hoffman Specimens o f Alfenol (84% Fe-16% AI), submitted by The Glenn L. , have been tested s t a t i c a l l y a t 1500OF i n fused-fluoride mixture, lead, lithium, and sodium for 100 hr. Since no Alfenol container tubes were available, lnconel was used as the container material for ...................... .......................... .. .. .. ... .. - - ___ --__ -- -- M E T A L L U R G Y PROGRESS R E P O R T TABLE 16. RESULTS OF METALLOGRAPHIC EXAMINATION OF SECTIONS FROM TYPE 316 STAINLESS STEEL THERMAL-CONVECTION LOOPS IN WHICH SODIUM WAS C I R C U L A T E D FOR 1000 hr Operating Section Temper at ure Examined of Section Metallogrophic Results Loop 26 - No Cold Trap Loop 27 - Diffusion-Type Cold Trap (OF) Tap of hot leg Middle of hot leg 1600 Irregular surface attack t o a depth of 4 1630 to mil Irregular surface attack t o o depth of 3 to 311 mils; on account of prefer- e n t i a l leoching of nickel, surface Middle of c o l d leg 1330 Irregular surface attack t o a depth of 4 to mil A t t a c k t o a depth of less than 1 m i l ; on account of preferential leaching of nickel, surface tronsformed from 1/ 4 transformed from austenite t o ferrite austenite t o ferrite t o a depth of t o a depth of to k \ mil to Attack t o a depth of less than \ mil \ mil Intergranular attack t o o depth of to \ 1 mil Bottom of c o l d leg' LOOP 26 Loop 27 1050 Heavy precipitation of unidentified 950 Heavy precipitation i n exposedgrains phase in grains and grain bounda- and grain boundaries; no inter- ries; quite a few intergranular granular cracks detected cracks originating a t exposed swface and extending t o depths of to 10 20 mils *Cooled by air blast.

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