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Locations Aztec civilization and background within the context of global heritage Montezuma (ca. 1466–1520), who were knowledgeable as a clergyman and had served good as an army commander, ascended to the Aztec throne in approximately 1502 at the foundation of his army checklist and acceptance for piety. As Peter G. Tsouras demonstrates, shortly Montezuma remodeled himself from a guy of excellent judgment to a pitiless autocrat. He killed indiscriminately at domestic and waged wars of conquest opposed to his friends, including territory in modern Honduras and Nicaragua to his empire. In 1519, Hernán Cortés arrived in Mexico on the head of a Spanish excursion. Montezuma believed the invaders to be gods gratifying the prophecy that the god Quetzalcoatl may go back. He did not withstand and carefully provided presents. for this reason, Cortés and the conquistadors marched at the capital and seized Montezuma. The monarch fell, surrendering his energy, wealth, or even the sovereignty of his humans, virtually gladly. He grew to become a puppet of the Spaniards and at last allied himself in conflict opposed to his personal humans. whilst the emperor’s brother finally led an rebellion, the ungrateful Spaniards killed Montezuma. opposed to the backdrop of old Mexico’s wealthy cultural historical past, Tsouras captures the tragedy that took place Mexico in the course of Montezuma’s reign.

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He gathered two hundred thousand men and rapidly marched them into the rebellious region. From the sleeping city, scouts snatched a prisoner for interrogation. The next day’s attack struck the city’s weaknesses and collapsed its defense. Motecuhzoma ordered its population put to the sword. 1 The army marched on Quetzaltepec again in arms against the Mexica. As usual, scouts moved ahead to reconnoiter the city, but could find no entry through its six sets of encircling walls. The city was now thoroughly alarmed and determined not to try the issue in open battle with the Mexica but to trust to its walls.

They responded with massive provisions for his campaign and became pillars of his rule. He never remitted their tribute or anyone else’s, however. Tribute was a nonnegotiable symbol of submission. Motecuhzoma now focused on his brother. As his designated successor, Macuilmalinalitzin, would be the obvious beneficiary of Motecuhzoma’s own assassination. To move against him directly would sunder the Alliance in civil war. He employed the indirect approach, challenging Heuxotzinco in 1508 to conduct a flower war.

The ruler is a shelter—fierce, revered, famous, esteemed; well reputed, renowned. The good ruler is a protector; one who carries his subjects in his arms, who unites them, who brings them together. He rules, takes responsibilities, assumes burdens. He carries his subjects in his cape; he bears them in his arms. He governs; he is obeyed. 4 He thanked his electors with great modesty and with the reasoned eloquence for which he was famous, I would indeed be blind, most noble king, if I did not perceive that you have spoken thus, simply to do me honour; not withstanding the presence of so many fine and noble men in this kingdom, you have chosen me, the most inadequate of all for this calling.

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