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By Steven Trustrum, Christina Stiles

ISBN-10: 1932442170

ISBN-13: 9781932442175

SpirosBlaak, the newest in eco-friendly Ronin's severely acclaimed Mythic Vista line, provides a whole archduchy that may be used as a stand-alone crusade surroundings or built-in into an latest international. With the gods fallen, it truly is as much as the participant Characters to convey mild and wish again into an archduchy overrun with lycanthropes. as well as detailing this grim and gritty surroundings, SpirosBlaak contains black powder principles, new middle and status sessions, and a plethora of recent gods. whilst the moon is complete, will you lock your door and conceal or draw your sword and struggle?

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Master of his own forgehold and ruler of all Monvas, Sovereign Brassknuckle is a ruthless tyrant whose eye is always on the bo�om line and profit margin rather than his people’s well-being. It was Nrunst’s forefathers who first dra�ed the alliances with the kav and orcs who now buy so many of their simpler weapons, and the sovereign fully intends to exploit these parties to his own ends. Fanged Legion Monvas’ elite troops, these remorseless and surprisingly capable soldiers carry fang guns and a variety of other vicious gadgets.

Population: 300 (15% human, 45% half-orc, 20% half-ogre, 7% orc, 13% other). Special Population:100 to 500 Archducal legionnaires and/or mercenaries, 20 constables, 20 to 200 student warriors. Religions: Any is welcome but Shivanos and Sri Senn Sindh are both very common. Imports: Steel and firearms. Exports: Mercenaries, ca�le, leather, weapons, and armor. Languages: Orc, Giant, Common, and Goblin. Alignments: Neutral, neutral evil, and chaotic evil. Located upon the road between Monvas and Vas, this small village was founded during the Era of Blood and has since o�en been the victim of both orcs and humans alike.

Exports: Coal, firearms, and artillery. Languages: Goblin, Orc, and Common. Alignments: Neutral evil and lawful evil. Incomparably the filthiest place in the Archduchy, a smoky pall from its inestimable smokestacks hovers above the city, sending stinking clouds dri�ing over the lake. Rubbish lines the streets and soot covers the walls of every building, all of which are sectioned off by dirt streets and trails defining the areas controlled by the various forgeholds. Individual forgelords rule the forgeholds and make the laws within their neighborhoods, but each must then answer to the sovereign, the sole forgelord who rises above the others by his own wits and the strength of his henchmen.

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Mythic Vistas: SpirosBlaak (d20 System) by Steven Trustrum, Christina Stiles

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