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By Peter F. Sugar

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42 For her work Riefenstahl received not only ample financial and technical support from the Nazis but her crew was carefully protected in their work. During the shooting of the film, the cameramen were dressed in SA uniforms and the SS supplied the film team with guards. 43 Moreover, the final product of the film also bears Riefenstahl’s signature, as it was she herself who undertook the editing. 44 In other words, Riefenstahl was very much the author of this work which not only celebrates fascist masculinity but banishes women from history.

According to its form, the procession is authoritarian, despotic’, Gisela Wysocki maintains. ‘It gathers its members under the principle of complicity. They have always been soldiers and fathers. The procession devours bodies, affects. It absorbs, it possesses. ’21 The procession’s strictly hierarchical nature makes its meaning readable not only for those inside but also for those outside of it; even the daughter as outsider can read its significance. 22 It is no surprise that those who are not able ‘to keep in step’ literally fall out of this system of meaning.

At the end of each part the speaker gives a guinea in support of a certain organization. Part I focuses on women’s lack and need of higher education and ends with the speaker’s donation of a guinea to rebuild a women’s college. Part II addresses women’s position in the professions and ends with the donation of a guinea to an organization that helps women enter the professions. Part III concentrates on politics and culture and ends with the donation of a guinea to the gentleman’s anti-fascist organization.

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