Durov N.'s New approach to Arakelov geometry PDF

By Durov N.

The imperative goal of this paintings is to supply an alternate algebraic framework for Arakelov geometry, and to illustrate its usefulness by way of featuring a number of easy functions.

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1) For example, Z(∞) ⊂ Q and Z∞ ⊂ R are special cases of this construction. • Strict quotients of generalized rings. 16), and denote by F∞ the image of induced homomorphism Z∞ → END(Q). e. a generalized ring, being a strict quotient of Z∞ . 3) Modules over F1n are sets X with a marked element 0X and a permun tation ζX : X → X, such that ζX = idX and ζX (0X ) = 0X . This is applicable to F±1 = F12 . • Affine generalized rings Aff R ⊂ R: take any classical commutative (semi)ring R, and put Aff R (n) := {λ1 {1} + · · · + λn {n} ∈ Rn | i λi = 1}.

It begins with a detailed introduction or “plan” (cf. 0) for this chapter, and for the remaining “homotopic” chapters as well. Therefore, we won’t repeat that introduction here; instead, we would like to explain how homotopic algebra replaces homological algebra, for non-additive categories like Σ-Mod, where Σ is some generalized ring. This is especially useful because homotopic algebra is not widely known among specialists in arithmetic geometry. 1. ) One of the most fundamental notions of homotopic algebra is that of a model category, due to Quillen (cf.

Once we have a notion of spectra Spec A = 42 Overview Spec? A (for some fixed localization theory T ? ), we can define an affine generalized scheme as a generalized ringed space isomorphic to some Spec A, and a generalized scheme as a generalized ringed space (X, OX ), which admits an open cover by affine generalized schemes. Morphisms of generalized schemes can be defined either as local morphisms of generalized locally ringed spaces (notice that the notions of local generalized rings, and local homomorphisms of such, depend on the choice of T ?

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