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By Jacob Golomb, Robert S. Wistrich

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Nietzsche, the Godfather of Fascism? What can Nietzsche have in universal with this murderous ideology? usually defined because the "radical aristocrat" of the spirit, Nietzsche abhorred mass tradition and strove to domesticate an Übermensch endowed with unheard of psychological characteristics. What can one of these philosopher have in universal with the fascistic manipulation of the hundreds for chauvinistic objectives that overwhelmed the autonomy of the person?

The query that lies on the center of this assortment is how Nietzsche got here to obtain the lethal "honor" of being thought of the thinker of the 3rd Reich and no matter if such claims had any justification. Does it make any feel to carry him not directly answerable for the horrors of Auschwitz?

The editors current quite a number perspectives that try to do justice to the anomaly and richness of Nietzsche's inspiration. best contributions by means of a number of distinct philosophers and historians discover intensive Nietzsche's attitudes towards Jews, Judaism, Christianity, anti-Semitism, and nationwide Socialism. They interrogate Nietzsche's writings for fascist and anti-Semitic proclivities and think about how they have been learn by way of fascists who claimed Nietzsche as their highbrow godfather.

There is far that's disturbingly antiegalitarian and antidemocratic in Nietzsche, and his writings on Jews are open to differing interpretations. but his emphasis on individualism and contempt for German nationalism and anti-Semitism placed him at stark odds with Nazi ideology.

The Nietzsche that emerges here's a tragic prophet of the religious vacuum that produced the 20th century's totalitarian routine, the philosopher who most sensible clinically determined the pathologies of fin-de-siècle eu tradition. Nietzsche dared to appear into the abyss of recent nihilism. This ebook tells us what he chanced on.

The participants are Menahem Brinker, Daniel W. Conway, Stanley Corngold, Kurt Rudolf Fischer, Jacob Golomb, Robert C. Holub, Berel Lang, Wolfgang Müller-Lauter, Alexander Nehamas, David Ohana, Roderick Stackelberg, Mario Sznajder, Geoffrey Waite, Robert S. Wistrich, and Yirmiyahu Yovel.

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The creation of values is the most significant task in Nietzsche’s philosophy, which always returns to the “transfiguration of values” and the nature of Western culture, in which the Jews are destined to play the major role as well as to serve as catalysts. ” Nietzsche speculated in this context about the possible intermarriage of Jews with Germans or with the best “European nobility” for the sake of enriching a renewed European culture. Nietzsche, in this regard, obviously underestimated the strong and persistent reluctance of many Jews to fully assimilate into their Gentile environment.

Such persons have “the ability to accept contradictions,” possess dynamic vitality and self-control, are devoid of bad conscience, have adopted the attitude of amor fati, and exhibit self-acceptance. These are the genuinely “free spirits” with the attitude of “la gaya scienza,” people who embody intellectual tolerance and existential integrity. They are noble and courageous, rejecting the desire for expansion or domination as ultimate goals in themselves (D, 163; M, 164, 546). This picture could not be more opposed to that of the Nazi Aryan “Reich,” which sought to suppress such positive power patterns and deliberately wiped out so many of its living models.

Acts of violence may be typically instrumental in forcibly changing or transforming others but 26 Ⅲ j a c o b g o lo m b the instrumental use of others within a context of self-transformation and self-overcoming must be manifest in sublimated expressions of the will to power. ” Nietzsche continues, [H]e exploits them as much as he can and then goes on. . 24 The actions of one who is preoccupied with revenge cannot be properly motivated by the attitude of amor fati; he or she therefore lacks the truly positive power that Nietzsche’s psychology extols.

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