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By Dick Bedeaux

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Necessary ebook represents a considerable physique of labor describing the idea of the optical houses of skinny island motion pictures and tough surfaces. The technique is very rigorous and theoretically very thorough.

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The following invariant combinations of the linear coefficients are found The first of these invariants is the one given already for the example in the previous chapter, It is a combination of the electric coristitutive coefficients alone. The second one is the analogous magnetic combination. The third is of mixed electric and magnetic origin. Note that one could also define a mixed invariant in terms of @, and p,. This is, however, not an additional invariant combination since it may be written as I , - p - I e c- I,.

45). Notice the fact that, if all the interfacial current and charge densities as well as the interfacial polarization and magnetization densities are zero, these boundary conditions reduce to the usual continuity conditions for the fields. In that case the interface is merely a sharp transition from one bulk phase 26 MAXWELL'S EQUATIONS WITH SINGULAR FIELDS to the other. It serves as a mathematical boundary and has no distinct physical characteristics. An interfacial charge density, which typically occurs on the surface of a conductor, leads to a discontinuity in the normal component of the electric displacement field.

Due to the lack of symmetry of the surface in the direction normal to the surface one will generally find that a homogencous electric field will yield a quadrupole moment density. In view of time reversal invariance, or as it is sometimes called source observer symmetry, [lZ],this also implies that a gradient field will yield a dipole moment density at the surface. In the subsequent chapters this will be discussed, for instance for island films, in great detail. 8 the dependence of the constitutive coefficients on the choice of the dividing surface is discussed.

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