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This prepared reference covers crucial evidence approximately optical pumping and spin rest of atoms. The authors express that methodical use of Liouville house including sleek clinical computing software program makes it useful to investigate the whole, multilevel process of optically pumped atoms. Sections of MATLAB codes incorporated within the textual content let the reader to gather rather subtle codes for modelling numerous optical-pumping phenomena. The textual content assumes that the reader has a uncomplicated knowing of quantum mechanics, atomic physics, optics, magnetic resonance, and the math of physics and chemistry.

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The electric dipole operator D has nonzero matrix elements only between states of different parity, for example, between the 2 S1/2 ground state and the 2 P J excited state of an alkali-metal atom. We therefore write the electric dipole moment operator as D D D C D† , where DD X jS m S ihS m S jDj J m J ih J m J j D D Δ . 6) mS mJ The Hermitian conjugate is X j J m J ih J m J jDjS m S ihS m S j D D Δ † . 7) mS mJ The sums extend over all electronic azimuthal quantum numbers m S and m J of the ground state and excited state of the atom, which have total electronic angular momentum quantum numbers S and J, respectively.

7), the operators D and D † operate only on the electronic parts of the atomic wave functions, and they have no direct influence on the nuclear parts. We will discuss the dimensionless dipole moment operator Δ, and its amplitude D in the following sections. 7) can be facilitated by writing them as spherical tensors. We will briefly review the most important properties of spherical tensors here. More information can be found in the literature [40].

5 4 . 1 Kronecker Products We can expand the total wave function of a 2 S1/2 atom on the uncoupled basis states, jm S m I i D jm I i ˝ jm S i . Optically Pumped Atoms. William Happer, Yuan-Yu Jau, and Thad Walker Copyright © 2010 WILEY-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. 2) 26 3 Wave Functions and Schrödinger Space Recall that the Kronecker product of a matrix A of m rows and n columns with a matrix B is defined to be the block matrix 2 3 A 11 B A 1n B 6 7 .. .. 3) 5. . 2) becomes 3 0 6 1 7 7 jm S m I i D jm I i ˝ jm S i D 6 4 0 5.

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