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3z, 6y). In the ceramics, Mayanization appears to have been underway at Trinidad during Chacibcan times, but was cut short, a near-hiatus, as sampled, occurring from the Middle Preclassic until well into the Classic. Zapatillo (N ueva Esperanza), Chiapas Excavations were limited, most of the pottery being collected from a newly opened road, portions of three mounds having been bulldozed for fill. The possibility of multicomponent mixing is obvious. The name, Nueva Esperanza, has a wide application, and the chance of confusion with other sites in the general region is likewise apparent.

39d) and Middle to Late Preclassic Mal Paso materials (Lee 1974: Fig. 32 I Robert L. Rands 43b); see also earlier ceramics in Coe and Diehl (1980), Sisson (1976), and comments by Lowe (1978). White or red-on-white jars are common at Paso Nuevo (Fig. 15b, c, e, f); conversely, (h) is a rare example of striation and G) is bituminous. The strap handle (b) is very rare in the Palenque survey and, generally, in the west (see Lowe 1978: 347). 14f. At Paso Nuevo, as in other survey sites considered here, modal similarities suggest relationships outside the Maya Lowlands on early Middle Prec1assic and even Early Preclassic levels, followed by ceramics more characteristic of the late Middle to Late Preclassic.

Just as we now know much more about the layout and population of the ancient city of Palenque from the work of Barnhart, we are also learning much more about Palenque's sustaining area (Chapter 5). This knowledge comes from recent work by Rodrigo Liendo Stuardo, who since 1997 has been conducting survey and excavation in a zone stretching just beyond the northern edge of the city. Liendo and his team have surveyed over 400 sites in an area of just over 400 km 2• What he has found is a rural settlement pattern that developed relatively late in Palenque's history, with the earlier settlements being situated closest to the best soils.

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