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Org 61 Chapter 9 measures may include topical decongestants (oxymetazoline) for three days, mucolytics (guaifenisen), and oral decongestants. Severe or recurrent cases may require systemic steroids. Antihistamines and topical steroids are not usually indicated, unless allergy is also a major concern. Patients with sinusitis should be referred to an otolaryngologist if they have three to four infections per year, an infection that does not respond to two three-week courses of antibiotics, nasal polyps on exam, or any complications of sinusitis.

Cholesteatoma often presents with hearing loss, and in the physical examination, it can be confused with cerumen. 44 Conductive hearing loss present on the audiogram but not readily apparent on the physical exam suggests problems with the ossicular chain. One common disease process affecting the ossicular chain is otosclerosis, a hereditary disease process that involves bony proliferation within the temporal bone. These bony changes commonly occur at the footplate region of the stapes, causing gradual fixation of the ossicular chain.

Org 31 Chapter 5 of resistant organisms in your community, a common second-line therapy for acute otitis media is high-dose amoxicillin-clavulanate. 2. Photograph of a tympanic membrane with a pressure equalizing (PE) tube in place. The tube permits aeration of the middle ear space. Breastfeeding and vaccination with a pneumococcal conjugate preparation may decrease the incidence of acute otitis media in children, while other factors, such as daycare attendance, young siblings at home, and exposure to tobacco smoke, may predispose children to develop otitis media.

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