Wengui Yan and Jinsong Bao's Rice - Germplasm, Genetics and Improvement PDF

By Wengui Yan and Jinsong Bao

ISBN-10: 9535112406

ISBN-13: 9789535112402

Rice is a staple nutrients for half the worlds inhabitants normally in Asia. productiveness of rice has principally been enhanced because the eco-friendly Revolution in Nineteen Sixties. additional development of rice yield is critical to maintain speed with inhabitants progress, that is a tough activity for breeders. This e-book, Rice - Germplasm, Genetics and development, as its identify implies, comprehensively stories present wisdom in germplasm exploration, genetic foundation of advanced characteristics, and molecular breeding techniques in rice. within the germplasm half, we spotlight the appliance of untamed rice in rice breeding. within the genetics half, lots of the complicated characteristics comparable with yield, disorder, caliber were coated. within the development half, chinese language stories in hybrid rice breeding were summarized including many molecular breeding practices scattering in numerous chapters.

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Thus far 31 bacterial blight resistance genes have been reported and six of these were identified in species other than O. sativa. These resistance genes were identified in several wild Oryza species, including Xa21 in O. longistaminata, Xa23 in O. rufipogon, Xa27 in O. minuta (IRGC101141), Xa29(t) in O. officinalis (B5), and Xa30(t) in O. nivara (IRGC81825) (Brar and Singh 2011; Cheema et al. 2008b; Gu et al. 2004; Khush et al. 1990; Tan et al. 2004; Zhang et al. 1998). Most recently, Xa34(t) exhibiting broad spectrum resistance, was identified in O.

2003b) Aluko et al. (2004) RFLP, Li et al. SSR SSR (2004) Eizenga et al. (accepted) RFLP, Septiningsih SSR et al. (2003b) RFLP, Li et al. SSR SSR (2004) Aluko et al. (2004) RFLP, Li et al. SSR (2004) 27 28 Rice - Germplasm, Genetics and Improvement Trait Percent rice bran Percent milled rice Donor Recurrent accession parent(s) O. glaberrima IRGC103544 Caiapó O. glaberrima IRGC103544 O. nivara IRGC81848 Donor species Mapping QTL Chromo- Type of popu- mapping some lation† analysis‡ location§ marker¶ BC3F1 IM, CIM 4, 7 SSR Caiapó BC3F1 IM, CIM 5 SSR Swarna BC2F2 IM, CIM 1 SSR References Aluko et al.

Glaberrima IRGC104038 Taichung 65 NIL O. rufipogon W1962 O. officinalis B5 O. rufipogon BILs-DWR/ Dingxiang 4, 8 IM, CIM Taichung 65 NIL, BC4F2 3, 7, 9, 10 SSR SSR 8 SSR 3, 4 SSR 2, 5, 9 SSR Minghui 63 RIL XieqingzaoB BIL IR64 RIL IM Guichao 2 IL SMR 2, 12 SSR Nipponbare BIL IM 1, 5 SSR CIM, MIM et al. (2002) Li et al. (2006) Jena et al. (2002) Hirabayshi et al. (1998) Renganayaki et al. (2002) Huang et al. (2001) Yang et al. (2004) Hou et al. (2011) Fujita et al. (2010) Fujita et al. (2006) Tan et al.

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