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By J.P. Sommerville

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This recognized e-book reasserts the relevant significance of political and non secular ideology within the origins of the English Civil warfare. contemporary historiography has focused on its social and monetary explanations: Sommerville reminds us what the folk of the time notion they have been battling approximately. analyzing the most political theories in c.17th England - the Divine correct of Kings, executive through consent, and the traditional structure - he considers their effect on genuine occasions. He attracts on significant political thinkers like Hobbes and Locke, but in addition on lesser yet extra consultant figures, to discover what was once new in those principles and what was once in simple terms the typical foreign money of the age. This significant re-creation contains all of the newest considering at the topic.

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De Dom inis thought that original election by the people was one possible mechanism. But his point was that such election did not involve any transference o f pow er from the people to the king, since the people did not have pow er in the first place. The king drew his authority from God alone, and so it was to God alone that he was accountable for its exercise. De Dom inis confirmed his theory by draw ­ ing an analogy between governm ent and marriage. In m atrim ony the pow er o f the husband sprang not from any transference o f pow er by the wife, but from God.

De Dominis argued that this theory was blasphemous in that it implied that God was responsible for giving hum an societies the w orst form o f governm ent, namely democracy. Filmer later repeated this allegation against Bellarmine, arguing that ‘he makes God the author o f a democratical estate’. Again, De Dom inis contended that if the theory were correct, communities could not lawfully alter their form o f governm ent, but would be obliged to suffer democratic rule for ever. Once m ore, Filmer repeated the argum ent, deducing from the premise that every society was originally a democracy the conclusion that ‘not only aristocracies but all monarchies are altogether unlawful, as being ordained .

3 - 4 , in Selected political w ritings, ed. P . D ’Entreves (O xford 1959) 1 0 2 -5 . 20 To explain the historical origins o f civil society many writers thought it sufficient to observe that people are by nature sociable. This was the position o f M arc’A ntonio De Dom inis, the form er Catholic Archbishop o f Spalato who served James I as Dean o f Windsor and Master o f the Savoy. De Dominis, like many other authors, followed Aristotle closely on the question o f natural sociability. Governm ent, considered abstractly, was com m only regarded as a prescription o f God, the author o f nature.

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