New PDF release: Slow light : invisibility, teleportation and other mysteries

By Sidney Perkowitz

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Sluggish gentle is a well-liked remedy of modern excellent breakthroughs within the technology of sunshine. although we do not comprehend light's quantum mysteries, we will sluggish it to a cease and velocity it up past its Einsteinian pace restrict, 186,000 miles/sec; use it for quantum telecommunications; teleport it; manage it to create invisibility; and maybe generate hydrogen fusion energy with it. All this is often lucidly awarded for non-scientists who ask yourself approximately teleportation, Harry Potter invisibility cloaks, and different exceptional results. sluggish gentle indicates how the genuine technological know-how and the myth encourage one another, and initiatives light's impressive destiny. Emory physicist Sidney Perkowitz discusses how we're harnessing the mysteries of sunshine into applied sciences like lasers and fiber optics which are reworking our day-by-day lives. Science-fiction fantasies like Harry Potter's invisibility cloak are becoming genuine percentages. Please click on the following for more information

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Both types approach infinite energy as speed approaches c, but tardyons approach it from below and tachyons approach it from above. Despite some theoretical problems with these proposed new particles, including the general objection that they would violate causality and allow time travel, tachyons generated much interest. Over 600 papers about them appeared between 1962 and 1980, and some still do. Researchers analyzed tachyons theoretically and also sought them by appropriate experiments. Between 1990 and 2000, a flurry of results reported a negative mass squared for a particle called the electron neutrino.

To see phase and group velocities in action, toss a rock into a pond and closely observe the resulting disturbance as it radiates out. It moves at a fast clip, but if you look quickly, you’ll see individual waves within the disturbance moving toward its front, where they disappear. They’re traveling at the phase velocity of water waves. For water that is not too shallow, that turns out to be twice the group velocity, which is the speed of the disturbance itself. Another example comes from Nick Herbert’s book Faster Than Light.

Maxwell’s equations apply to any medium, not only empty space, where a light wave’s behavior depends on the medium’s electric and magnetic properties. indd 19 4/27/2011 9:32:10 AM Slow Light: Invisibility, Teleportation, and Other Mysteries of Light 20 Slow Light: Invisibility, Teleportation, and Other Mysteries of Light “slow light,” and changed in other surprising ways in the right kind of medium, as I discuss later. It also implies that the speed of light in vacuum is higher than in anything denser.

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