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The research of spatial styles in prolonged structures, and their evolution with time, poses difficult questions for physicists and mathematicians alike. Waves on water, pulses in optical fibers, periodic constructions in alloys, folds in rock formations, and cloud styles within the sky: styles are omnipresent on this planet round us. Their sort and complexity lead them to a wealthy sector of analysis. within the learn of those phenomena a massive position is performed through well-chosen version equations, that are frequently easier than the complete equations describing the actual or organic procedure, yet nonetheless trap its crucial good points. via an intensive research of those version equations one hopes to glean a greater below­ status of the underlying mechanisms which are chargeable for the formation and evolution of complicated styles. Classical version equations have normally been second-order partial differential equations. as an instance we point out the generally studied Fisher-Kolmogorov or Allen-Cahn equation, initially proposed in 1937 as a version for the interplay of dispersal and health in organic populations. As one other instance we point out the Burgers equation, proposed in 1939 to review the interplay of diffusion and nonlinear convection in an try and comprehend the phenomenon of turbulence. either one of those are nonlinear second-order diffusion equations.

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Since u" (0) = 0, this implies that if a is small enough, then u" < 0 in a right-neighbourhood of the origin. Let (0, a) be the largest interval on which u" < O. Then u(x) < ax and u'(x) < a on (0, a). 4). 1). Here Ie R+ is the maximal interval of the form (0, &) on which ~(a) is continuous, and hence u'(~(a), a) = O. It remains to find a point on C+ where u'" = O. By a sequence of reflections, the solution on [0, ~] can then be continued to a periodic solution of the SBS equation, with period 4~.

20) 1By Hk (R) we denote the space of functions in L 2 (R) whose first k generalised derivatives also belong to L 2 (R)[A]. 34 1. Introduction Another route to periodic solutions was followed by Mark Peletier [PMal], who investigated the phenomenon of sequential buckling in elastic rods (see Hunt et al. [Hul). 21) F(U)} dx, subject to the constraint J(U) = ~ { (u')2dx =)... 22) 2 JR Here)" > 0 represents the prescribed value of the total shortening of the rod. The potential function F is given by F(s) = is2 - is4 + ~s6, with 01.

2) that u'u'" :::: > I~I (u')2 - ~{(U2 ~(u')2 _ 1 2 4E 4 1)2 - 4E} if 0 < u < 1. 2c) and u" > 0 and u' > 0 as long as 0 < u < 1. 7) holds, then u' cannot have a first zero ~ such that u(~) < 1. 7) cannot hold, so the assertion follows. (b) We assume, to the contrary, that ~(a*) = 00. Then 0 < u ~ c and u' > 0 on R+, so that u(x) tends to a limit, say e, as x -+ 00, and e E (0, c]. This leads to a contradiction. We leave the details as an exercise. 2. 2. (c) Suppose that u(~(a*), a*) < c. 5), u" < 0 at ~(a*) so that by the Implicit Function Theorem, a* cannot be the supremum, a contradiction.

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