Stammering: Its Cause and Cure (Dodo Press) by Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue PDF

By Benjamin Nathaniel Bogue

ISBN-10: 1409986845

ISBN-13: 9781409986843

1919 booklet on Stuttering (alalia syllabaris) or stammering (alalia literalis or anarthria literalis), a speech illness during which the move of speech is disrupted by way of involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, phrases or words, and involuntary silent pauses or blocks during which the stutterer is not able to provide sounds. "Considerably greater than a 3rd of a century has elapsed for the reason that i bought my first e-book on stammering. I nonetheless have that old fashioned little ebook made up in its in general English variety with small pages, small kind and yellow paper back-the paintings of an English writer whose obtuse and half-baked theories definitely lent no readability to the stammerer's knowing of his hassle. due to the fact that first buy my library of books on stammering has grown till it really is might be the most important person assortment on the earth. i've got learn those books-many of them numerous instances, meditated over the obscurities in a few, smiled on the absurdities in others and benefited via the truths in a number of. but, with all their profound reasons of theories and their verbose safeguard of hopelessly unscientific equipment, the stammerer will be upset certainly, may still he try and locate within the complete assortment a pragmatic and comprehensible dialogue of his hassle. "

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I had not thought myself capable of such concentration as I was putting in on the pursuit of the truth as regards stammering and its cure. With the knowledge that I had gained from celebrated physicians, specialists and institutions throughout this country and Europe, I extended my experiments and investigation. I had an excellent subject on which to experiment—myself. Progress was slow at first— so slow, in fact, that I did not realize until later that it was progress at all. Nothing but my past misery, backed up by my present determination to be free from the impediment that hampered me at every turn, could have kept me from giving up.

J. Mills, President of Earlham College, on the day I left the institution. “You have been a hard-working student,” he said, “but your success will never be complete until you learn to talk as others talk. ” That was the thing I had determined to do. And having determined upon that course, I resolved to let nothing swerve me from it. I began the study of anatomy. I studied the lungs, the throat, the brain—nothing escaped me. I pursued my studies with the avidity of the medical student wrapped up in his work.

If a disinterested observer could record the pulse as normally beating and the pulse under the conscious influence of the mind, it would be found that the pulse under the conscious effort is beating either more rapidly or more slowly or that it is not beating as regularly as in the case of unconscious or reflex action. This same condition may be noticed in another unconscious or reflex action—breathing. The moment you become conscious of an attempt to breathe regularly, breathing becomes difficult, restricted, irregular, whereas this same action, when unconscious, is thoroughly regular and even.

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