Download e-book for iPad: Strange Conflict (Duke de Richleau, Book 5) by Dennis Wheatley

By Dennis Wheatley

ISBN-10: 1448212596

ISBN-13: 9781448212590

While the bombs fall on London, the aged Duke de Richleau is pressured to think about an issue of the maximum urgency. What tools are the Germans utilizing to find – with sinister influence – the key routes of the Atlantic convoys? His resolution is strange and incredible. may well it quite be that the enemy are involved with supernatural powers? Can those powers simply be triumph over through those that have the information and braveness to affix conflict with them at the Astral airplane? The Duke and his supporters face the terrifying problem from the Powers of Darkness.

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Dear Mr Carter, I feel obliged to ask for your help in the most painful of circumstances, appealing to the friendship that I know united you and my late husband for over ten years. During that time my husband never ceased to praise your honesty and the extraordinary trust you inspired in him. That is why today I beg you to heed my plea with the greatest urgency, however strange it may seem, and if possible with the greatest secrecy. The child I am obliged to hand over to you has lost both his parents.

WHEN PEAKE RE-EMERGED INTO the night after running hundreds of metres through the bowels of the ruined building, he discovered he was only a stone’s throw from the Tiretta Bazar, one of the commercial centres of North Calcutta. He thanked his lucky stars and set off towards the jumble of narrow streets, heading straight for the house of Aryami Bose. It took him ten minutes to reach the home of the last woman in the Bose family line. Aryami lived alone in a sprawling house built in the Bengali style that rose amid the dense wild vegetation that had invaded the courtyard over the years, making the place look abandoned.

Jawahal listened attentively and appeared to be considering the matter. ‘I imagine it must be very painful for you to see them leave after having cared for them all those years,’ Jawahal observed. ’ ‘It’s my job,’ Carter lied. ‘Of course. But – if you don’t mind my asking – how do you know the real age of a child who has no parents or family? It’s a technicality, I suppose …’ ‘The age of our boarders is set from the day the child is taken in, or else the institution makes an approximate calculation,’ Carter explained, feeling uncomfortable about discussing the orphanage’s procedures with the stranger.

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