The Arabic Version of Euclid’s Optics: Edited and Translated by Elaheh Kheirandish PDF

By Elaheh Kheirandish

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Like all classical Greek texts on technology, Euclid's works on optics in the beginning got here to the West in general via medieval Arabic texts and commentaries. whereas a number of Greek types of the Optika have been found and translated as early because the 16th century, checking out what could have been Euclid's unique has now not been effortless. This ebook offers a severe translation of an Arabic texts and of Arabic commentaries at the textual content, and areas the total in a historic context. The Optics is especially fascinating in that Euclid's textual content was once significantly reworked within the strategy of translation into Arabic "equivalents"; furthermore, a number of of the Arabic variations of Euclid's textual content (c. three hundred BC) contained liberal admixtures of a far later booklet by way of Ptolemy (c. 2 hundred advert) of a similar name. What used to be known as "Euclid's Optics," the "Kitab Uqlidis fi Ikhtilaf al-manazir," hence turned as a lot an exposition of an Arabic model of a visible conception as a translation of Euclid's principles at the topic. In getting ready this variation, Dr. Kheirandish has hence not just looked after out some of the manuscript models of Al-Manazir, but in addition comparable and unrelated texts that have been usually harassed with it.

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J'" Cairo: Dar al-kutub al-Mifiriyya, MR40, 7: fol. 88a, 1146H. Copyist: codex. ::. J. [King, "Notes on Sources," p. 453; King, Cairo Catalogue, v. 2, p. 1029: MR 40,6; King, Cairo Survey, p. 34: MR40, I, fol. 88rJ. Princeton: Princeton University 4855 (Yehud. 1553): 17b, 1179H. J'" Copyist. ; Mach, Garrett Collection, p. 419]. Istanbul: Topkapl SaraYl, Hazine 603,3, 46a, 1194H. fi16/ \ .... J'" Copyist: colophon. ::. J. Both figures unclear. Manchester: John Rylands 350 (381),5: 79b-80a, 1196H.

Lviii Part I Introduction to the Texts this dating, see bl in List II, p. xlix], best known for his important commentary on Ibn al-Haytham's Optics, with the modest title of Tanqf/:t al-Manli~ir [see Summary and Commentary: Proposition 20, v. 2, pp. 55-59]. PRa [as in manli~ir] or Ra'li [as in ru'yaJ. There is a Kitlib al-Ba~ar wa al-ba~fra, once attributed to Thabit ibn Qurra (d. 289/901), and a Kayftyat al-ib~lir, attributed to Abu Bakr Zakariya al-Rlizi (d. 311/923),34 as well as the al-Qawl ft al-Ib~lir wa al-mub~ar of AbU al-l;Iasan al'Amiri (d.

By Sinlin ibn aI-Pat]:J (ca. 4th/10th century) Cairo: Dar aI-Kutub Dr 260, 3: 92b-94a, ca. 600H. [King, Cairo Catalogue, v. 2, p. 1030; King, Cairo Survey, p. 39: "QawlJi l-misal,zat al-mana;iriya": unique; Sezgin, GAS VII, p. 406]. J1 al-lb~ar wa al-mub~ar IM/rl by Abu aI-l;Iasan aI-'Amin (d. 382/992) Cairo: Dar aI-kutub, Taymur l;Iikma 98, no. , unique? ), 'Amiri, Rasa'il, pp. 335-363] . " ~ J WI •. ; ~ KH/ wa a'midat al- jibal wa irtifii' al-ghuyum by al-ShaykhAbi 'Ali ibn al-Haytham (d. ca.

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