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They had only one vehicle, but they have been at work ever since building a lot of others. “This expedition of Tao to Wyoming—with only about a hundred of the Twilight People with him—is not intended to be an offensive operation at all. He's only looking the situation over, finding out what they're up against. They decided before they started that the light−ray would protect them from anything on earth, and they have only come to look around. “Right now up there”—Alan leaned forward earnestly, and in the moonlight I could see the flush on his handsome face—“right now up there in the Twilight Country of Mercury they're working their damnedest over all kinds of preparations.

I was intensely curious to learn the workings of this strange vehicle. As soon as we were inside I demanded that Alan explain it all to me in detail. He smiled. “That's the remarkable part of it, Bob,” he answered. ” “Good Lord! And she ventured—” “Tao was already on the point of leaving when she conceived the idea. ” “That first trip was last November,” I said. “Tell me about that. ” “As far as I can gather from what Miela says,” Alan answered, “Tao wanted to make perfectly sure the light−ray would act in our atmosphere.

The feathers on the remaining upper portions were clipped, but through disuse these feathers gradually dropped out entirely. The flesh and muscle underneath was repulsive in appearance—for which reason it was always kept covered. Lua showed me her wings once—mere shrunken stumps of what had once been her most glorious possession. I did not wonder then that the women were ready to fight, almost, rather than part with them. Difficulties of language made our conversation during the meal somewhat halting, although Miela acted as interpreter.

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