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By Nicla Palladino (auth.), S. A. Paipetis, Marco Ceccarelli (eds.)

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ISBN-13: 9789048190904

Archimedes is held in excessive esteem by way of mathematicians, physicists and engineers as the most magnificent scientists of all time. those lawsuits include unique, unpublished papers with the first emphasis at the clinical paintings of Archimedes and his impression at the fields of arithmetic, technological know-how, and engineering. There also are papers facing archaeological elements and the myths and legends approximately Archimedes and in regards to the Archimedes Palimpsest. Papers at the following topics shape a part of the ebook: Hydrostatics (buoyancy, fluid strain and density, balance of floating bodies); Mechanics (levers, pulleys, facilities of gravity, legislation of equilibrium); Pycnometry (measurement of quantity and density); indispensable Calculus (Archimedes because the father of the essential calculus, approach to exhaustion, approximation of pi, selection of components and volumes); Mathematical Physics (Archimedes because the father of mathematical physics, legislations of the Lever, legislations of Buoyancy, Axiomatization of Physics); background of arithmetic and Mechanics (Archimedes’ impact in antiquity, the center a long time, the Renaissance, and sleek occasions; his impact on Leonado da Vinci, Galileo, Newton, and different giants of technology and mathematics); historic Machines and Mechanisms (catapults, water screws, iron palms, compound pulleys, planetaria, water clocks, celestial globes, the Antikythera Mechanism); Archimedean Solids (their rediscovery within the Rennaisance and their functions in fabrics technological know-how and chemistry); Archimedean Legends (how tales of golden crowns, eureka moments, bare runs, burning mirrors, steam cannons, etc., have encouraged us in the course of the a long time, no matter if precise or not); The farm animals challenge (how its 18th century rediscovery encouraged the research of equations with integer solutions); instructing the tips of Archimedes (how his lifestyles and works have inspired the instructing of technology, arithmetic, and engineering).

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318). In what follows we present a table which summarizes the most interesting part of Proportionibus liber where Torricelli proves again theorems by referring to reasoning in the Archimedean manner, Table 2. Table 2. Some Torricelli’s Archimedean proofs in Quadratura parabolae. Lemma II,V,VI, X–XI,XII–XIII, XVII – Propositio IV Lemma XIV Lemma XVI, XVIII Lemma XIX Propositio III2 Propositio V Propositio IX Ad absurdum proofs Ex aequo et dividendo et permutando Ex aequo Ex aequo et Ad absurdum Componendo Ad absurdum et Componendo Ex aequo et Ad absurdum We notice that proofs by means of indivisibles are not reductio ad absurdum.

He states that the ancient geometers worked according to a method “in invenzione” suitable “ad occultandum artis arcanum” (Torricelli 1644, Quadratura parabolae per novam indivisibilium Geometriam pluribus modis absoluta, p. 55). However the Archimedean influence in Torricelli goes further. The well known books De sphaera et solidis sphaeralibus (Torricelli 1644, Liber primus, 3–46) present an enlargement of the Archimedean proofs of books I–II of On the sphere and cylinder (Heath 2002, pp. 1–90).

Pisano and D. Capecchi C, ita sit E ad F, et hoc modo procedatur semper. Dico ex equo ita esse primam A ad ultimam H, uti est prima D ad ultimam I. Qui modus arguendi dicitur ex aequo (Torricelli 1919–1944, De Proportionibus liber, p. 314). Torricelli seems to neglect the algebra of his time and adheres to the language of proportions. He dedicated a book to this language, De Proportionibus liber (Torricelli 1919–1944, pp. 295–327), where he only deals with the theory of proportions to be used in geometry.

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