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The above books were all in Latin and have been translated by different people at one time or another. IV ESTIMATE OF BARROWS GENIUS on " Barrow, Isaac," in the ninth edition of the Encyclopedia Britannica, from which (Times) most of the details in Section II have been taken, remarks The writer of the article : ''By his English contemporaries Barrow was considered a mathematician second only to Newton. " Founding my opinion on the Lectiones Geometric^ alone, I remark I have italicized. was only natural that contemporary continental mathematicians should belittle Barrow, since they claimed for Fermat and Leibniz the invention of the infinitesimal calculus before Newton, and did not wish to have to conWe see that his sider in Barrow an even prior claimant.

Time circular, it for ; has many analogies with a line, either straight or and therefore may be conveniently represented by is similar in all its parts, and time has length alone, can be looked upon as constituted from a simple addition of successive instants or as from a continuous flow of one instant is ; either a straight or a circular line has length alone, similar in all made up a moving its parts, of an infinite and can be looked upon number of as being points or as the trace of point. Quantity of the motive force can similarly be thought of as aggregated from indefinitely small parts, and similarly represented by a straight line or a circular line is represented by a distance the motive force ; when Time is the same 38 BARROWS GEOMETRICAL LECTURES Quantity of velocity cannot be found from as the velocity.

HK - LH HK KO LH - HK LH, the minus sign thus being a weaker bond than that of multiplication, but a stronger bond than that Barrow's list of symbols, in full, is of ratio or division. "For the sake of brevity certain signs are used, the meaning of which is here subjoined. whereas x contrary, means, as is = . . : A+ AA Ax B B B B that : is, A and B taken together. A, B being taken away. The difference of A and B. A multiplied by, or led into, B. D A. B : : A, B, C, . B . B, or applied to B. A is equal to B.

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